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تنزيل تطبيقات WhatsApp ، واتس اب عمر، واتس اب بلس، واتس اب الذهبي

Download WhatsApp applications, WhatsApp Omar, WhatsApp Plus, WhatsApp Gold

With Whatsapp You will have fast, easy and secure calls and messaging for free, and this service is available on phones anywhere in the world and we will talk in this article about, WhatsApp Omar , Whatsapp plus , Whatsapp plus , Golden WhatsApp.

What is WhatsApp Omar?

WhatsApp Omar is a version The WhatsApp Which allows you to use multiple WhatsApp numbers on one phone. WhatsApp Omar has several colors and different versions, including WhatsApp Omar Al Annabi, WhatsApp Omar Green, WhatsApp Omar Blue, WhatsApp Omar Al-Wardy, WhatsApp Green, WhatsApp Blue, and all of these versions have the same features and they are the same additions, but the difference is that in the new versions there is only a color difference.

What are the new WhatsApp Omar features?

The WhatsApp version has many features that exceed a thousand functions as it contains many options and additions that are not found in the regular green WhatsApp. Let us recall the most important of them.

  • Omar WhatsApp allows you to open many numbers
  • You can send group messages to groups and individuals.
  • Send multiple photos and media at the same time
  • Ability to use it, hide appearance, freeze and control privacy.
  • The ability to prevent others from deleting WhatsApp messages from your phone.
  • Distinctive colors with color control for different applications.

Is WhatsApp safe?

Many of us may wonder about the security of the WhatsApp application and whether it is safe or not the WhatsApp application, WhatsApp is completely secure and free from viruses and malware because it is based on the green WhatsApp and works with the same passwords as the green one, which is the green WhatsApp, and also some features that are not in the green have been added As well as verified codes for antivirus software, all of which do not appear to be dangerous on WhatsApp.

How can I download and download WhatsApp Omar?

Some may wonder how to download or update the WhatsApp version, and some may wonder is it possible to get the WhatsApp update easily? The answer is yes.

The first of these tips is that your internet speed should be fast, choose a time when there are no weaknesses in internet quality, such as dawn or morning

Update WhatsApp Omar

If you are a WhatsApp user and you have any copy, whether it is pink, blue, or green, you will be able through our website to update WhatsApp to the latest version and to update a post, and your copy will be safe and reliable as all the links of the site put the link that it created Currency developer, and once you go to the end of the topic, you will find links to update WhatsApp to the latest version against the ban. Just click on the link and it will be downloaded to your phone. We must remember that when you update the WhatsApp version, please make sure, dear visitor, that you are using the same previous version so as not to lose messages and calls and the update process went smoothly.

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Does WhatsApp work on iPhone?

No, unfortunately the latest version of WhatsApp does not work on iPhones, WhatsApp works on Android phones, and on iPhones the version does not work. WhatsApp on these phones

Download WhatsApp Omar Al Annabi

WhatsApp Plus is a messaging application between many types of mobile devices and operating systems that allows you to send instant messages without paying for text messages. It is available for all devices. And yes the app allows communication between these phones regardless of the device! Additionally, since WhatsApp Plus uses the same data plan that you use for email and web browsing, there are no additional costs for messaging and connecting with your WhatsApp friends.

The difference between Blue WhatsApp Plus and the official WhatsApp app

In addition to individual messages, users can chat in WhatsApp groups as well as exchange multimedia images, videos, and audio files.

Features of WhatsApp Plus:

  • WhatsApp Ability to Hide Appearance
  • WhatsApp privacy options
  • WhatsApp can send group messages to groups in the WhatsApp application
  • WhatsApp The ability to hide any WhatsApp conversation
  • WhatsApp Auto Reply (When you are busy you can send an automatic reply to incoming messages)
  • The program line can be changed by about 30 WhatsApp lines
  • The Internet can now be turned off in WhatsApp, and the Internet continues to work in other programs
  • A 7-minute live video can be sent in a box instead of 30 seconds
  • The ability to send scheduled WhatsApp messages and the new feature
  • Any message can be downloaded after it has been sent and it will be deleted from all the devices you sent it to
  • Automatic media download can be turned off for each conversation individually
  • The ability to distinguish between group messages and regular messages
  • See who’s online or visited your WhatsApp profile
  • The ability to set and lock WhatsApp with a password
  • The ability to send a movie of 30 megabytes instead of 16 megabytes
  • The ability to send an audio clip or link up to 100 megabytes
  • The ability to send 90 images at once without 10
  • 139 Possibility to put a case of 250 characters instead of 139 characters
  • The ability to click on links without remembering the number of the sender of the message or the owner of the group
  • Latest group statistics counter
  • Preview media without downloading in WhatsApp واتس
  • The ability to hide the date and name when copying two or more messages in the WhatsApp application
  • New ability to change status
  • The ability to change the shape of the program and change the program icon and notifications
  • The ability to communicate and send photos in high resolution
  • The ability to stop answering calls to whomever you want or to everyone
  • The ability to view messages from anyone in the group separately from other people’s messages
  • The program sends a notification if your friend changes their profile picture
  • And many other functions.
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Download the latest version of Whatsapp plus

Download WhatsApp Gold for Android

WhatsApp Gold is fully compatible with WhatsApp updates, Works on all Android devices .

Information about downloading WhatsApp Gold

The links are constantly updated, download the latest version of WhatsApp Gold.

The last update of the WhatsApp Gold application was on June 22, 2021

  • Update WhatsApp Gold 9.40.
  • Golden WhatsApp against the ban.
  • The version is based on version 2.20 and automatically extends the status to more than 30 seconds in WhatsApp Gold.
  • Privacy Hide the appearance of “hide reading status” in the WhatsApp Gold application.
  • Prevent the deletion of messages in the privacy of the WhatsApp Gold application.
  • Stop showing that you saw it in WhatsApp Gold, a free program.
  • Hide and prevent the display of a sent message by downloading the status in the WhatsApp Gold application from users.
  • Copy status is the privacy reserved for the person you find in a conversation between you and that person, click their name
  • Add a chat ban with a secret number (hide conversations) WhatsApp Gold application.
  • Automatically play instant recordings for WhatsApp Gold.
  • Activate full night mode in WhatsApp.
  • The issue of downloading the theme in the WhatsApp application has been resolved.
  • Activate auto reply without being blocked in WhatsApp Gold.
  • Get what’s up Status without any problems in the WhatsApp Gold application.

What’s new in the update of WhatsApp Gold 9.40

  • WhatsApp group instant messaging functionality has been added.
  • Ability to change the location and color of notifications in WhatsApp Father.
  • When a person changes their profile picture, get notifications in Whatsapp.
  • Add an option to turn off automatic media downloading in WhatsApp.
  • Activate self-hide messages in WhatsApp.
  • Send messages to more than 250 people in WhatsApp.
  • Beautiful effects for your WhatsApp home screen in WhatsApp.
  • Edit and delete the floating button on the chat screen in WhatsApp applications.
  • Other features and solutions for all problems in the previous version of WhatsApp.
  • Scroll the effects down and up in WhatsApp.
  • The appearance of the floating button on the chat screen in WhatsApp has been improved.
  • The floating button can be hidden and shown in chat.
  • Show the full name in the tape if it is long.
  • Fixed an issue with Night Mode in Settings.
  • Fix WhatsApp crash issue completely.
  • File a long case “the possibility of raising the case automatically to an acceptable extent.”
  • Add the option to completely wipe your data.
  • The ability to change the style of the story.
  • Use your fingerprint to block chats.
  • Add a feature to notify who viewed your status.
  • Change your voice from real to multiple voices, record your voice, enter the conversation, then 3 dots, then change the voice.
  • Preview and confirmation added before poster ships.
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Fixes and improvements for WhatsApp Gold 9.40

  • Solve the problem of displaying long messages.
  • Fixed random crashes when grouping messages.
  • Fixed an issue where sending messages in groups was taking a long time.
  • The problem of hiding the appearance of a blue tick when the answer is broken.
  • FIX: Scroll line crash.
  • Fixed a bug in Status Splitter on some (but not all) phones.
  • Correction: Messages were sent late on WhatsApp.
  • The fix: Read more in the news on WhatsApp.
  • Quick translation of the conversation in WhatsApp.
  • Increase the duration of the status by more than an hour, even if the topic changes in WhatsApp.
  • Fix the delay in sending messages in WhatsApp.
  • Solve all the problems of installing WhatsApp Gold الواتس