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Download WhatsApp green latest version

Download WhatsApp green latest version

Download WhatsApp Green

WhatsApp revealed the feature of expanding calls to join group conversations, where users can connect to WhatsApp groups and join the call directly from the group chat window.

The feature of calls to join group conversations was first launched last July, to be updated in the new version of WhatsApp Green, and the call notification will currently display the name of the group instead of the names of the participants in the call.

Features green whatsapp :

The current call will appear in the chat list so that the user can see which groups have direct calls when opening the WhatsApp application.

periods What’s Up She tweeted about the new feature: “We’re making it easy to connect with your groups automatically. Join on-going calls with your groups at any time, easily and directly from the one-click chat view.

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The integration of joinable calls gives WhatsApp users a new automatic way to communicate with groups of friends and family on the application, and the calls will contain a light and distinctive ringtone, which makes it feel lighter to send and receive messages on WhatsApp.

as announced What’s Up The company announced a new feature that allows users to encrypt chat history backups in iCloud or Google Drive. Although the company offers encrypted chats between users on its platform, adding encrypted chat backups addresses a major vulnerability that has been exploited by governments in order to have a private connection between users.

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