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DP World - Southampton is Britain's first port to use vegetable oil instead of diesel

DP World – Southampton is Britain’s first port to use vegetable oil instead of diesel

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DB World’s container terminal in Southampton has taken a major step in the path to net zero emissions, stopping the use of fossil fuels as Britain’s first port and switching to hydrotreated vegetable oils in its operations.
Diesel fuel previously contained 90% container plant emissions, but significantly reduces renewable biodiesel, nitrogen dioxide and solid particles, and carbon monoxide derived from sustainable sources that reduce net CO2 emissions by more than 80% – hydrotreated plant oils.
Zero emissions
John Trenchard, UK Director of Supply Chain Management at DB World, said: “We have successfully taken this major step to provide hydrotreated vegetable oil (HV) fuel for our fleet and all facilities in Southampton. This finding underscores our determination to continue our role in helping the UK achieve its Government’s goals and policy of achieving zero emissions by 2050 and improving air quality in the areas in which we operate.
He added: “We expect our use of hydrotreated vegetable oils to save 14,000 tonnes of CO2 per annum, which is equivalent to the removal of 8,000 family cars from UK roads each year. We want this by working with our supply chain partners to accelerate the transition to green energy.
Trenchard concludes: “DB World Southampton carries more than a quarter of its containers by train, and we encourage other operators to embrace this paradigm shift. Each additional freight train can store 6,000 tons of CO2 per year.
Alternative power
DP World tested hydrotreated vegetable oils for the first time last year, using fuel from its forklift vehicles, refrigeration generators (refrigerated unit), and saddle conveyors to lift containers operated by quay cranes and serve overland transport systems and railways. Based on estimates of actual diesel consumption and its replacement by technical data for hydrotreated vegetable oils, net CO2 reduction is estimated to be over 80%.
It is worth noting that hydrotreated vegetable oils are a temporary solution. Electricity and hydrogen power are an example of alternative energy sources being explored and tried in DB World, and will be fully electrified when the new Fourth Perth at London Gateway is completed in 2024.

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