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Dr. Mirza discusses with the British Ambassador to the COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow in October and November

Manama, September 28 / PNA / Dr. Abdul-Hussein bin Ali Mirza, Chair of the Sustainable Energy Commission, in his office at the Bahrain Financial Port, Ambassador to the Regional Climate Summit (COP 26). Through Virtual Application the Ambassador of East, North Africa, Eastern Europe and Central Asia and the United Kingdom Mr. The Summit commended the role of the United Kingdom Embassy in the Kingdom of Bahrain and aims to coordinate international efforts to combat climate change in order to enhance Bahrain’s role in the organization, in collaboration with various relevant government agencies and Ministries. On top.

During the meeting, Dr. Mirza discussed with the Ambassador of the Climate Summit (COP26) that arrangements for his participation in the Climate Summit of the Kingdom of Bahrain (COP26) will take place in Glasgow next November. Bahrain, and highlighted the integration of the Kingdom’s national initiatives, Vision 2030 of the Economy, the National Goals for Renewable Energy and Energy Performance (NDC) and the United Nations, including the United Nations. Sustainable development goals.

For his part, Ambassador Janet Rogen praised the achievements that the Kingdom has been able to achieve in record time and the important and vital role of the Sustainable Energy Commission in this march which confirms the seriousness of the Kingdom of Bahrain in taking the necessary steps. Urges UK support to support the Kingdom’s march to respond to climate change. And a warm welcome.

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