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“Dream” … an application that turns words into paintings

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Canadian startup Wombo has launched the Dream app for iOS and Android smartphones. The app uses artificial intelligence to produce original artwork based on text commands from the user. The company drew attention to it – earlier – when it launched an application that uses artificial intelligence, to adjust the synchronization between the movement of lips and sound in video files. The process of drawing with this application is very simple, the user only needs to describe the thing he wants to draw in a few simple words, such as “scary tree” or “the worst sandwich in history”. Then he chooses a drawing style from a list of options including “the art Spiritual, Baroque or Imaginary”, and he can choose “Without Style”. Fun WOMBOmas! 👽 We are back to test your artistic abilities once again. This time, with a festive theme and some other prizes. Quote this by #DreamContest and your most beautiful, funny or scary depiction of the holiday season. Read on for the rules and prizes— WOMBO.eth (WOMBO) December 23, 2021 The Dream app turns words into a work of art in less than 20 seconds of completing an image description in words. According to TechCrunch, a site specializing in technical issues, the user will not be bored during these twenty seconds, during which he is waiting for the artboard to appear on the device screen. Where the application will display glimpses of the role of artificial intelligence at work. This app demonstrates the massive revolution in the field of modeling, from marking the beginning of artwork to placing quick additions on canvas, all the way to producing the final image. Of course, some of the artwork produced with the Dream app is amazing, and some aren’t necessarily so

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“Dream” … an application that turns words into paintings

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