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Dreams overlooking the queen's crown..and commented: Ibn Al-Turab

Dreams overlooking the queen’s crown..and commented: Ibn Al-Turab

Beirut – Salwa Yassin – Follow up with impartiality: The Emirati star Ahlam published a set of photos of her on her page on “Instagram”, in which she appeared with the Queen’s crown from the scenes of filming the video of the song “Ibn Al-Turab”, which was released on her latest album “Fadwa Oyounak”, and commented on it in the name of the song: “Ibn Al-Turab”.

Ahlam wrote the lyrics of the song “Ibn Al-Turab”, which achieved great success and garnered nearly 2 million views, just 5 months after its release on Ahlam’s official YouTube channel.

And the song “Ibn Al-Turab” is written by Hassan Al-Obaidli, composed by Abdul Qader Al-Hahoud, distributed by Bashar Sultan, and mixed by Jassem Mohammed.

Ahlam’s photos have garnered thousands of likes and comments from her fans who expressed their admiration for the looks you choose, and are always the talk of the audience and followers.

We note that the album of dreams “Fadwa Oyounak” included 26 different songs, in two parts, the first part of which contains 11 songs: “Fadwa Oyounak”, “My Eyes Bs”, “Hazin”, “Zouba’ah”, and “Ya Adami” Hess, “A notebook and eraser”, “God have mercy on him”, “Tear of Zarqa”, “Al-Farqa”, “My Mind is Annoyed”, and “Ibn Al-Turab”.

As for the second part of the album, it included 15 songs: “I did not ask you,” “Rebellion,” “Our Last Date,” “The Night Doesn’t Go,” “An Opened Secret,” “Some People,” and “Some Times.” ”, “So that you repent”, “God blesses you in absence”, “The sun rises and sets”, “What has details”, “I arrogantly cross”, “Innocent”, and “Your mistake is blasphemous”.

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Lyrics of the song “Ibn Al-Turab”:

O son of dust, I am from dust, and there is no provision for

Except that God has strengthened me, and I have my destiny, and I have my will

I was created, I know where I am, and that generosity is with the people of generosity

The first is the first… and the second is the second.

The song’s lyrics also say:

I always need someone to teach my money heart

I know him before I know you because my parents raised me

And do not count my words to you as a reproach for what is in the reproach, food

I thought that you were Omar’s gift and that you were precious to me and roses

But my hopes were dashed and treachery in my times

On God, if you understood the intent, otherwise you missed the intent

I don’t care anymore, and your parting doesn’t bother me

I remain as I am, my glory to the sky is extended

Because goodness is in my nature, and I rise above the close

And I’m bigger than sizing.. my head is as tall as a thud

And Shmoukhi’s challenger is the one who challenged my emotional bass

Your existence and non-existence are one, and you never exist

Neither near you nor does I suffer after you, nor do I suffer after you

I am a taste and my life is a taste and all good for my good comes back

I forgot you before you forget even though you are hard to forget me