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Drought and rising gas prices could cause food shortages in Britain

Drought and rising gas prices could cause food shortages in Britain

Britain’s Guardian newspaper warned that drought and high gas prices could cause food shortages in the UK this winter.

Experts have said the UK is at risk of food shortages this winter, with drought and rising gas prices putting pressure on farmers, while farmers using greenhouses may not wait or wait until spring when daylight hours are longer. Sustained. Usually cabbage, carrot, potato etc. during the rest period the yield is reduced due to drought.

The newspaper pointed out in its report that despite heavy rainfall across the UK recently, it was not enough to replenish groundwater levels, rivers and reservoirs depleted during the record drought and farmers. Expecting continuous rain for several weeks to soften the soil for digging crops, but it did not happen.

According to forecasts from the UK Center for Environment and Hydrology, things are unlikely to improve during the crucial September sowing period.

“The fruit and vegetable sector is undoubtedly in crisis,” said Rob Percival, head of food policy at The Soil Society. “Many farmers have experienced a 20% drop in crop production this year and most farmers expect further cuts next year. Without immediate and concerted action from the government, we can expect a growing business downturn and a shortage of supermarket shelves.”

Charities have called for more support for farmers. “Farmers face a situation out of their control, and the impact of the recent drought and climate crisis has made it difficult to grow reliably, with labor issues and energy costs running through the roof. There is a real possibility of empty shelves in the coming months, some producers will be out of work, and they will defy the government’s goals to become self-sufficient. , and if citizens can’t afford affordable, healthy food, it will hurt the nation’s health.”

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