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Dubai is the icon of the global reality series “The Real Housewives”.

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“The Land of Opportunities and the City of Creativity” is a description that perfectly suits Dubai, the city that continues to fascinate everyone around the world with its beauty and features of its uniqueness as a modern city rich in the colors of creativity and future innovations and features of luxury and opportunities for success and excellence. And the star of her works alone is able to illuminate the aesthetics of the international film and television scene with her lights, that description like a “heavy weight” entrance for the scenes of the propaganda clip for the reality program “The Real Housewives of Dubai”.

(The Housewives of Dubai), which recently knocked on the doors, to promote the new reality program, which is part of the global series “Real Housewives”, so that Dubai will be the first Arab city to host the scenes of the program that separates us from the date of its presentation, a short distance of days estimated, Where it is expected to appear on the small screen in early June, according to what was published by the “Bravo TV” channel on Instagram.

Distinguished tales

The scenes of the promotional clip, which extended over a minute, did not reveal all the episodes of the program, which sheds light on the reality of the life of a group of housewives who were showered by Dubai with love and warmth, as they found “irreplaceable opportunities” between them, and over time turned into businesswomen, stars and influencers. Their names shine in the business arenas and the corridors of social media, while the scenes of the promotional clip explore many of Dubai’s aesthetics, the charm of its beaches and places, and the quality of its architecture that expresses the city’s originality and modernity. It has turned into one of the global cities that everyone dreams of finding a foothold on its land.

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Sarah Al Madani, Nina Ali, Caroline Brooks, Caroline Sannbury, Chanel Avon, and Lisa Milan, 6 brilliant women of different nationalities, who are businesswomen based in Dubai, all share a common appearance in the scenes of the new program, which was presented by its Executive Producer Andy. Cohen, in many of his statements, expressed his “excitement” for the Dubai version, about which he said in an interview with the American channel “NBC”: “It is really a place that enchants people … the architecture is amazing, and in my opinion it is like an oasis for creatives and billionaires.” He added, “The program will follow the stories and walks of a group of women in their professions and luxurious lifestyles in the Emirates.”

While “Bravo”, the company that produced the program, had stated in one of its statements that the “desert paradise” in Dubai would serve as a background for the lifestyles in which the new actresses live.

regions and masterpieces

In fact, the women who will appear in the program’s episodes, whose filming is distributed between the Burj Khalifa area, Ain Dubai, the Dubai desert and other areas in the emirate, are not all new to the program’s episodes. She participated in the episodes of the “Real Housewives of London” program, which takes place in England from 2014 to 2017, where Sananbury appeared before she moved to live in Dubai with her husband and three children.

The group of women who play the championship of the new program, were keen to celebrate the program, which is part of the series produced by the company “Bravo.” Through her accounts on “social media”, the fashion designer and businesswoman Sarah Al-Madani celebrated the program’s episodes, to announce the start of the countdown to it, which is What did Nina Ali, the co-founder of Fruit Cake, also do, as she posted on her account the promotional clip for the program, attached to it with a comment in which she said: “The countdown is down, who is ready?”

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It is noteworthy that the “Real Housewives” series is not new to the small screen, as 10 parts were previously released, including “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and “Real Housewives of London”, while the Dubai version is the 11th part in the series that was It was born for the first time in 2006, on American soil, to turn over time into a global series, concerned with showing the lives of housewives who were able to succeed in their businesses and shine in them.

The Real Housewives of Dubai poster