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Dubai lights up the stage

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Dubai has played an active role in the cultural movement witnessed by the UAE, and has made qualitative efforts to support young talents in various fields, especially in the theatrical field. Mapping the future of theater.

Theater is a mainstay in the field of creativity and culture, and has received remarkable attention in the UAE, since its inception in the seventies, and has attracted theatrical pioneers, to benefit from their experiences, and also sent talented people to study in Arab countries, and theater festivals were launched that enhanced the presence of theater in the Emirates. This artistic movement stimulates creativity, and contributes to discovering young and promising talents, and then refining them, to find a place for them in the theatrical work space. The Emirate of Dubai has made qualitative efforts in this regard, and has provided theatrical movement with young talents, who will play a role in the development of theater in the future.


In this context, Fatima Al Jallaf, Acting Director of the Performing Arts Department at the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture), said: “The Dubai Culture and Arts Authority has played a pivotal and essential role in the rehabilitation of young people of both sexes in the field of performing arts, through permanent support within the initiatives of It has now become one of the important projects in discovering and containing young people in this field, and one of the most important of these projects is the “Dubai Festival for Youth Theater”, where the festival has reached a high level of maturity in graduating theater cadres including actors, directors, fashion and makeup designers, and other important parts.. They have also become From professionals in drama, television and cinema.. In addition to the educational aspect, Dubai Culture is working hard to provide the best trainers, whether at the level of the Arab world or the world, through the Dubai Performing Arts Program, as it is an educational platform, which includes an elite group of academic trainers ».

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important role

She added: The Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) has decided to integrate these young people into the fields of judging and viewing committees, where qualified young people will be selected to judge and watch the performances participating in the Dubai Festival for Youth Theater in 2022, and I would also like to emphasize that the school is the main source for discovering Talents, rehabilitating and containing them.. Thus, Dubai Culture established the initiative of the Dubai School Theater Festival, which played an important role in injecting the artistic sector with talents during the past period, and we are now working to spread artistic and theatrical awareness in particular, so that this art is appreciated as one of the important arts in Refine their personalities, and the quality of their future lives.

And she added, “Dubai Culture” highlights the achievements of these young people through social media channels, and virtual and realistic art laboratories are held, to involve them in drawing the map of the theater sector in the Emirate of Dubai, and to develop a clear strategy to develop this art for current and future generations, commensurate with their abilities. their skills and inclinations.