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"العاصفة دادلى" تتسبب فى انقطاع الكهرباء وتوقف قطارات بريطانيا.. فيديو

“Dudley storm” causes power outage and stops British trains .. Video

Thousands of homes were cut off after Hurricane Dudley swept through parts of the United Kingdom, and winds of up to 81 miles per hour lashed parts of Wales.

A spokesman for the company said: “Our teams have restored electricity to about 19,000 homes and businesses affected by Hurricane Dudley. Work is underway to restore lighting to about 1,000 properties that are still affected.”

As of Wednesday evening, about 4,000 people were still believed to be without electricity, with about 14,000 customers initially affected by the weather, but 10,000 customers were reconnected.

As of Thursday, dozens of train companies had been affected in much of northern England, the Midlands, Wales and much of Scotland, with some trains landing as train power lines were damaged.

The Meteorological Office has issued weather warnings for Scotland, warning that winter rains could lead to hailstorms overnight, with the epicenter forecast for Eunice. But the wind is blowing at 80 mph inside.

It also warned that trees could fall as a result of the storm, damaging buildings and disrupting travel.

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