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بدء منع الأوروبيين من دخول بريطانيا باستخدام بطاقات الهوية بسبب "بريكست"

Due to Brexit, Europeans are barred from entering Britain using identity cards

The British government announced on Friday that it would take steps to prevent entry into the UK border using identity cards issued by post-Brexit EU and EU economies countries, and this was published by “Euronews” network.

Under plans announced by London about a year ago, the majority of citizens of Switzerland, the European Union and the European Economic Area will be required to have a valid passport to enter the UK from October 1..

Britain has made it clear that the move to leave the EU earlier this year is necessary to reduce the chance of forged documents easily entering its territory, fight crime and deter illegal immigrants. ..

British Home Secretary Priti Patel said in a statement on Thursday night that “London must catch criminals who want to enter our country illegally using false documents.” “By stopping the use of insecure identity cards, we are strengthening our borders and giving priority to the people by regaining control of the UK immigration system,” he said..

The move comes at a time when Britain is suffering from a shortage of thousands of truck drivers, leading to a severe fuel crisis and a shortage of some food items on the shelves of consumer stores..

The Department of Road Transport estimates that the change in entry criteria using identity cards threatens to impose additional restrictions on drivers in light of the current shortage, government critics say of the effects of Brexit and Govt-19..

The ban on entry using identity cards is one of the changes that the ruling Conservative Party has promised to adopt during its 2019 election campaign as part of its promise to regain control of the movement across the UK border..

The proposed laws have drawn criticism from human rights defenders, including the power to arrest illegal immigrants and the transfer of asylum seekers to other countries when their claims are processed..

London pointed out that citizens of Switzerland, the European Union and countries of the European Economic Area who were previously granted residency in the UK will be allowed to enter its lands using the identity card only at border crossings until 2025..

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