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Due to the free distribution of games, Epic is losing billions, and the strategy will not change

The outcome of the legal battle between Epic and Apple will have a huge impact on what the entertainment industry looks like (see Our article), But we can actually learn a lot of interesting information. Journalists PC Gamer Magazine They were able to read from court-provided documents how much Epic is costing their business strategy of creating a time exclusive and distributing free games.

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Thankfully, after two years, feelings about the Epic Store subsided.

And it is certainly not small, at the end of this year they will announce a loss of 600 million dollars (about 13 billion crowns). Epic header Tim Sweeney He confirmed the numbers on his Twitter profile and replaced the term “losses” with the more optimistic word “investment”. This might indicate that there will be plenty of people out there who will have no problem purchasing games outside of Steam, although its work is more complicated.

The Epic Store was launched more than two years ago, but it’s still missing Elementary functionsLike shopping cart or promoting achievements. On the other hand, developers praise its existence, offering them much larger shares of sales and in some cases a guarantee of minimum profit. It has distributed over a hundred great free-to-play games for players, including games like Grand Theft Auto 5 or Kingdom Come.

Epic does not intend to change anything in the near future and, according to Sweeney’s estimates, it will pay off in the long run. According to him, the entire project should start earning early in 2023, and even then the company can operate without any problems thanks to teenagers pouring their pocket money into the popular Fortnite shooter.

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