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“Dugong” .. the bride of the Red Sea, and divers love to see her in Marsa Alam (photos)

The Red Sea – Imad Arafa

Saturday, April 29, 2023 05:30 AM

The marine dogong, or as it is called the mermaid, is one of the peaceful marine creatures that divers love to see during diving trips, and the locals call it The Red Sea The name Al-Atm or Al-Jald, and in this report we learn about where it is monitored in the Red Sea.

The dogong is a marine mammal that feeds on weeds, and searches for seaweeds in the depths that are always in the bays and natural marine areas, and generates a great income for Egypt, as thousands of tourists arrive in Egypt specially for it to dive with it and watch it underwater.

For his part, Abdullah Abed, an environmental researcher, said that this animal is a great wealth and its numbers are limited in the Red Sea, as it does not exceed 30 dugong and is always present in Marsa Mubarak, Abu Dabab, and the beaches of the Wadi El-Gemal Reserve. The pioneer of marine sciences, Hamid Gohar, called it Arous. The sea, and the local fishermen called it “the skin”, and in the Arabian Gulf, the most commonly used name is “the dugong” and its scientific name is “Si Kawi”.

He revealed that the female Dugong gives birth and breastfeeds, and it is possible for her to live for a period between 80 and 100 years, and she spends 16 months during the pregnancy process in her fetus, and when she is born, she spends 16 months nursing and breastfeeding him, so that he can feed on seaweeds and reach a length of one and a half meters.

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Abed confirmed that the Red Sea reserves have developed a specific monitoring program for the mermaid, or as it is called the dugong, as it was permanently monitored at the marinas of the city of Marsa Alam in Marsa Abu Dabab, Marsa Shuna, Mubarak, Wadi El-Gemal, Marsa Ajlah and Tandaba.

One of the most important areas inhabited by the Mermaid is a marina located south of the city of Marsa Alam, 14 km away, which was described as a region of magic and nature, and is considered the most beautiful marina in the south, and includes nearly 13 diving sites near it, which made it a starting point for all diving trips to those famous sites.

It’s called the mermaid

Live in committees and marinas

Dogong mammal

A mammal that feeds on seaweed