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خلال ندوة بدار الكتب.. نصائح يقدمها رئيس قسم علم النفس بجامعة طنطا لمواجهة مرض الاكتئاب

During a symposium at Dar al-Kutub, advice given by the head of the Department of Psychology at Tanta University to confront depression

part of the seminar

Muhammad Auf

Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim Taha, Head of the Department of Psychology at the Faculty of Education at Tanta University, warned of the danger of depression and its repercussions on the mental health of the person and the family, noting that there are many causes of depression, primarily genetics.

This came during an educational lecture held under the auspices of Dr. Enas Abdel Dayem, Minister of Culture, and the General Authority for Culture Palaces, headed by director Hisham Atwa, today, Wednesday, at Dar al-Kutub in Tanta, and moderated by Nevin Zayed, director of Dar al-Kutub, and in the presence of a number of the house’s pioneers.

Taha added that the saying “laughter extends life” is indeed a completely correct statement because of its significant and clear impact on a person’s general health by reducing his chances of contracting many diseases, including: cardiovascular diseases, psychological anxiety, strokes, and stroke. diabetes mellitus;

The head of the Department of Psychology at the Faculty of Education in Tanta gave some important advice to confront these psychological and physical diseases, as he indicated that it is necessary for a person to equalize his free time, so that his free periods do not increase and are not completely absent, stressing that the lack of space kills the feeling, and makes the person a machine .

Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim Taha said that depression has multiple signs, including a reluctance to eat sometimes, or a desire to eat large amounts of food greedily in many cases, and he continued: “Social isolation comes in second place, as a form of symptoms of depression,” while He pointed out that the emergence of some unexpected diseases is a clear evidence of a person suffering from depression.

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“Taha” explained that there are many steps to confront exposure to depression, including: raising children to be able to make decisions, and he stressed the need for the individual to create a role for him in life so that he feels happy, while adhering to establishing a dialogue between all family members, to discuss problems. And work to develop a vision to solve it, and overcome it.