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During his journey into space 37 years ago, he saw a rare letter in the handwriting of King Salman and Princess Sultana Al-Sudairy to their son Prince Sultan

The Al Saud News account published a set of letters written by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, when he was governor of the Riyadh region, and his mother, Princess Sultana Al-Sudairy – may God have mercy on her – to their son, Prince Sultan, on his journey to space as the first Arab Muslim astronaut. His brothers wrote down some of his phrases on this historic occasion.

King Salman wrote in a letter to his son, Prince Sultan, “I dedicate to you the most valuable thing that I have, which is the watch of my mother, Hessa bint Ahmed Al-Sudairy,” on June 16, 1985.
He also wrote to him in another letter: “My dear son Sultan, the youngster has become big, great in his morals and work, and I was at my good opinion, thank God for that.”
And his mother, Princess Sultana Al-Sudairy – may God have mercy on her – wrote a letter to him, expressing her pride in him, where she wrote: My son, the hero Sultan, yesterday you were riding a bicycle and today, thank God, you became an astronaut, thank God, and applauded her with the phrase “Proud of you, your mother is Sultana.”
Princess Hessa also wrote: “My beloved Sultan, God is with you, hero.”
His brother, Prince Faisal, also wrote a message for him: “Dear brother Sultan, I wish you success and a safe return, my young role model.”
While his brother, the late Prince Ahmed – may God have mercy on him – wrote to him: “To the beloved Sultan, to the Great Sultan.”
The late Prince Fahd – may God have mercy on him – also wished that he would return safely, as he wrote: “My continuous prayers for you and my hope to God that you return safely and be our pride.”
As his brother Prince Abdulaziz wrote: “You will live my ideal.”

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