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During his visit to the United Kingdom to preside over the Conference of European Islamic Community Leaders in London: D. Al-Issa is a guest of the British Parliament and the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defence

Monday, March 13, 2023 01:21 PM

Dr Al-Issa lectures in front of many political and diplomatic leaders as well as elite leaders of the British military and international forces.

– Dr. Al-Isa’s lectures drew a lively dialogue from students of the Diplomatic Academy and young European influencers hosted by the British Foreign Office.

Check out the “Religions for Our Planet” initiative, which offers a qualitative approach to combating climate change and an unconventional Islamic perspective.

He cited the “Middle East Green Initiative” and the “Saudi Green Initiative” to reduce carbon emissions.

Discuss the most important means of intellectually countering the roots of extremist ideology and the importance of role coordination to counter extremist forces.

He emphasized the role of common values ​​in fostering connections between theories of conflict and conflict between civilizations.

In the presence of more than 300 religious leaders and muftis, the British Parliament was held at the Palace of Westminster in the capital, London, when he went to England to preside over the Conference of Islamic Community Leaders on the European Continent. Honorable Secretary General of Muslim World League, President of Muslim Scholars Association, Hon’ble Shaikh Dr. Muhammad Bin Abdul Karim Al-Isa, Chairman of the Parliamentary Environment Committee Mr. Hosted by Stephen. The Thames.

The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office hosted Sheikh Dr. Al-Issa at its headquarters in London, where he addressed a number of political and diplomatic leaders and students of the British Foreign Diplomatic Academy. The office is in addition to the Young European Influential Group sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. To participate in the discussions that followed the lecture.

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During Dr. Al-Issa’s visit to the United Kingdom, he accepted an official invitation to lecture at the Academy of the British Ministry of Defense in front of a group of military leaders from the British Army and international forces.

His Excellency Sheikh Dr. Muhammad al-Isa’s meetings deal with the “Religions for Our Planet” initiative, which presents quality methodologies and an unconventional Islamic vision. To raise the level of international awareness of environmental protection and tackling climate change, Dr. Al-Isa emphasized the importance of faith and the role of religious values ​​in strengthening man’s connection with his surroundings. Humanity shares lives and the importance of conserving its resources and gifts deposited by the Creator, glory be to Him.

His Highness cited the “Middle East Green Initiative” and the “Saudi Green Initiative” as examples of action taken by countries inspired by concrete principles and an enlightened vision. Saudi Arabia to chart the region’s approach to protecting land and nature and addressing climate change.

His Eminence Lectures also dealt with a review of the most important methods of intellectually countering the roots of extremist ideology, emphasizing the importance of integrating roles militarily and intellectually to counter extremist forces. and discussion platforms, it emphasized the important role of the efforts of Muslim scholars and imams in this conflict, citing examples of this.

The doctor confirmed. In his lectures and gatherings, Al-Isa touched on the role of common values ​​in promoting communication and cooperation between civilizations, in confronting their ideas of conflict, and the role of religious leaders to communicate, converse, and positively with their followers in order to achieve the necessary level of understanding and exchange for the peace of our world and its national communities. In order to achieve the larger goal of strengthening harmony, several models and their analyzes were cited and welcomed by all.

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The lectures of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Al-Issa were followed by open dialogue sessions, which elicited great conversation from various participants, while the organizers felt that His Highness’s contributions represented important intellectual material that should be widely used.

1- From the reception of His Excellency Dr. Al-Issa on his visit to the British Parliamentary Headquarters

2- During the Parliamentary Celebration of the Secretary General of the Muslim World League and his accompanying delegation

3 – Dr. Al-Essa in a group photo with international leaders in front of the British Ministry of Defence

4- Reviewed by Dr. Muhammad Al-Isa, in his lecture at the British Ministry of Defence, presented the most important means of intellectually confronting the roots of extremist ideology.