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During the pandemic, they converted the school bus into a caravan.  Home cinema is her pride

During the pandemic, they converted the school bus into a caravan. Home cinema is her pride

It is almost said that they managed to do so by purchasing the discarded bus. Lucy Stevens, 31, and her friend Glenn Carlos, 34, bought it from Surrey, England, last year and took it from New York in March. That is, at the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic.

While many of their countrymen were barely breathing the fact that who knew how many weeks or perhaps months “house arrest” awaited, the couple rejoiced.

Thanks to the closure, the partners had a lot of free time, and this was very beneficial. They rolled up their imaginary sleeves and got down to business. They both looked forward to the day they move to skoolie (read: skůlího), where these vehicles are lovingly called out on a distinct yellow whim, and desperately looking to be a fan of their conversion to mobile homes. They dreamed like this, too. Because they were both highly skilled, they saved a lot of money when changing the bus.

However, the restoration cost a lot of money, specifically 50 thousand pounds, or about 1.5 million crowns.

Interestingly, most owners of converted school buses will paint their new home with some new paint. But Lucy and Glenn kept their original colors.

On the other hand, the interior has changed drastically. It is furnished in light colors, which enlarges it naturally, there is a kitchen and a bathroom not only with a toilet but also with a shower and also the main living area which has been combined by a pair of extendable beds.

But this is not all asleep. It can only be found in the bedroom. Here there is a full large bed for two, at the head of which there is a projector, while over the legs, the projection screen is slowly lowered from the ceiling. Yes, there is a home theater on this bus, not any other theater. A cinema in which he lies on the bed!

A surprise at the end

Lucy and Glenn are expected to actually live on the bus and travel at least in their home counties. Surprisingly, this is not the case.

Instead, the couple announced that a lottery will be held on Raffall’s server, with the bus running until the end of September. Next to him, a thousand pounds (about 30 thousand crowns) await the winner to obtain a group C driver’s license, which is necessary to drive buses.

For the sake of money, the spouses plan to purchase a new bus and convert it again.


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