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Durra Field: Old Disputes and Big Gains Awaiting

Durra Field: Old Disputes and Big Gains Awaiting

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The estimated recoverable gas reserves of the Dorra field are about 200 billion cubic meters

There are many issues that raise debate, if not disagreement, between Iran and the Arab Gulf states, and perhaps a joint statement by Saudi Arabia and Kuwait on a gas field has brought one of those issues back to the fore.

Although the Dorra gas field is owned by Iran, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, an agreement between Riyadh and Kuwait last month to develop it raised objections from Tehran.

Yesterday’s development was embodied in the invitation extended by Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to Iran to negotiate over the gas field.

A statement by the Saudi and Kuwaiti foreign ministries said that the two countries, “as one negotiating party,” renew Iran’s call to demarcate the eastern borders of the submerged divided zone between the two Gulf countries.