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Dust storm chasing soccer players in Bolivia.. Video

Dust storm chasing soccer players in Bolivia.. Video

And the camera caught the natural phenomenon and the effects of the clip astonishing everyone on the Internet, and it looked as if he was about to take out the players when passing through the stadium, and the footage showed that the players were standing in a queue and preparing for the start of a local championship final, and then suddenly a column of dust appeared and made everyone run, according to what was quoted The newspaper “India Express”.

Storm needs stadium

And NBC News reported, that the small whirlwind did not cause obvious damage, but it only delayed the start of the final match of the championship in Ashokala, and it turned out that this phenomenon is called the “dust devil,” and it is small whirlwinds that pick up debris and dust, and often What they are confused with hurricanes.

Players escape from the stormPlayers escape from the storm

The storm is heading to the stadiumThe storm is heading to the stadium

Severe summer storms have caused widespread damage and flooding in Germany and Switzerland, as an aircraft hangar at an airport in the southern town of Magadino, Switzerland, partially collapsed, and Swiss police said several aircraft were damaged, but no one was hurt when the roof of the hangar collapsed, in heavy rain. Heavy rain and strong winds during the night, according to “Russia Today”.

Trees fell on roads and railways in Zurich, causing travel chaos for passengers, while authorities warned that many rivers in Switzerland could overflow, and some Alpine passes were temporarily closed due to heavy snowfall.

In Germany, officials have warned of “severe storms” in the Eifel region, southwest of Cologne, due to the rains. The continued rainfall in recent days has caused rivers to rise, and the Rhine is expected to reach its first high water level.

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