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UFC zápasník David Dvořák

Dvořák from USA: I don’t sleep in the locker anymore, we go hockey before the match

In addition to Dvořák, the Czechs also include manager Patrik Kincl and coaches Jakub Kašpar and Jan Maršálek. The team is in a good mood and Hrobník seems to be doing well not only physically but also mentally. “I feel good. My head is completely set, and it is probably the best I’ve ever had. I’m looking forward to the match.” Dvořák described at a press conference.

On the weekend of May 22, Dvořák will play his third UFC match. This time he will face Brazilian Raulian Paiva in a flyweight vase. How do coaches see their opponents? “An opponent is dangerous because they don’t look good. It usually surprises you,” Head coach Marshallik rated.

“If the match is close to points, he can pull the match to his side. It looks like he’s doing that because he’s paying for better results in stroke,” Kinkle explained.

Gallery: David Dvořák’s residence in the USA before the UFC third match

Source: Profmedia, Archives / David Dvushak

From left: Jacob Kaspar, Jan Marshalik, and David Dvuchak

Paiva is experienced, he holds a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and has a height advantage over Dvushak. However, the Czech farmer commented: “I don’t mind at all. The bigger ones at least fall from a greater height. I’m used to that. In the Czech Republic, I only train with those higher than them.”

Dvořák is now in Los Angeles, from where he moved from Dallas, where coach has surrounded Marshall. At a boxing event, they even met undefeated heavyweight champ Tyson Fury. “Such a perfect perfume as a perfume manufacturer. But the nice guy is otherwise.” Dvořák and Kašpar describe a short encounter.

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Next week, the entire squad awaits a transfer to a UFC hotel in Las Vegas. At the moment, they live with an acquaintance who provided them with a house and, for example, a car for training trips. Dvořák has his own room this time. “I actually sleep like a normal person in bed,” Dvořák hung with a smile, who before the last match in the UFC was sleeping in combat conditions on the floor, in a closet.

“We wanted to send him there again, but he didn’t want to. After the second win, we couldn’t get him into that locker anymore,” Patrick Kinkle joked.

In short, the team is in a great mood. Dvořák is now waiting to set his shape, a slight crash and a fun visit to the NHL. Despite Vegas striker Tomash Nusk, the quartet arranged seats for the opening round of the playoffs. “It could be a ritual for me. We had coffee before the last game and David was doing really well. So now I wrote to him too.” Kinkle explained.

Video: Take a look at the pre-match interview with David Dvořák, who introduced TV Nova a month before departure: