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Dying Light 2 After Apocalypse looks pretty dumbfounded, and it will be released in December

Dying Light 2 takes place twenty years after the events of the first part. The human race has lost the battle against the virus that is turning infected people into monsters. Now one of the last large settlements, the city, is in danger. Aiden Caldwell, a pilgrim who has the power to change everything, also comes to him.

The nearly 30-minute show, titled Dying 2 Know, was designed very professionally and didn’t go through a deafening moment. It was a well blended cocktail, with show guides calling on developers to talk briefly about a particular aspect of the game, usually followed by an advertisement.

For example, international director Thomas Gerbo initially revealed that knowledge Previous part Years Extend the following Not necessary. The game world has changed significantly during that period. The creators claim to have studied the behavior of people during crises or the extinction of civilization and applied the traceable formula to their world.

The old world disappeared, and a new world grew on its ruins, or on surfaces that had turned green. Once again, we can look forward to playing parkour, which has no limits. The creators claim that the number of show jumping moves has doubled compared to one move.

The gameplay also changes according to the time of day. Simply put, day is for humans, night is for monsters. And the night should be more severe than in number one. At night, monsters climb from their nests, which should be a new opportunity for players to explore these places. It will be almost empty.

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However, the main attraction will be the player’s choices, which determine the main character, or who will happen. He would join one of the three factions, each with their own rules, goals, and motives. Electricity and water are important. If you get it for your faction, the whole place will change. This, of course, tempts you to play Dying Light 2 more than once and look at the other endings.

Close combat looks very decent, which is immediately confirmed by the creators, who say that rinsing with big guns should bring that familiar, satisfying feeling. By the way, you can also play cooperatively with up to four people. Finally, the release date has been announced. Dying Light 2 will be released on December 7 on old and new computers and consoles.

Techland has already launched pre-orders, including a very nice collector’s version. If you missed number one so far, you can buy Dying Light Platinum Edition, which contains all of the content released. The next part of Dying 2 Know is already planned and I must say I am really looking forward to it.