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Early votes in the congressional elections cross the "2018 barrier"

Early votes in the congressional elections cross the “2018 barrier”

The Washington Post reported that “this number of voters is higher than that recorded in the early midterm elections in 2018.”

The figures showed that 43% of the voters belong to Democratic Partycompared to 34 percent of Republicans and 23 percent of non-partisans.

This comes as many Republicans, led by the former US President, attacked Donald Trump Early voting, especially by mail, questioned its results, noting also that “counting the votes will take longer.”

This is said by Michael MacDonald, professor of political science at the University of Florida“I don’t think early voting alone gives us the full picture of what’s happening or going to happen.”

He added in an interview with “CNN”: “But what can be observed in principle is the recording of high levels of early voting“.

The rivalry between the two parties in the elections that will be held Monday in the states of Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, New Hampshire, Ohio and Wisconsin. These states will most likely determine who will have the majority in the Congress.

The US President stressed Joe Biden However, the Democrats will win the midterm elections next week, but he warned of the difficulty of the next two years if the expectations of opinion polls, which so far indicate a possible victory for the Republicans.

For his part, the American political analyst, Andrew Boyfield, told “Sky News Arabia”, “The current conditions give greater chances to the Republicans, as the high level of inflation And it reached record rates that it has not reached in 40 years, as well as the unprecedented increase in the number of illegal immigration and the unstable global conditions.

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He added that “if the president’s popularity ratings are the most important thing in determining the results of the elections, then Biden’s outlook will be poor, with his popularity dropping significantly in the opinion polls.”