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Earth Day will be available online only in Jihlava this year - Vysoč

Earth Day will be available online only in Jihlava this year – Vysoč

Due to the current epidemiological measures, there will be no traditional event at Masaryk Square on Thursday, April 22nd. Instead, the Jihlava Health City Project, which organizes Earth Day in Jihlava every year, offers online projects related to environmental protection.

The official city of Jihlava has been joining the Earth Day celebrations since 2007. Every year it tries to prepare an interesting program in Masaryk Square for participants and passers-by. Last year, the program was canceled entirely due to the emergence of a pandemic. This year, those interested can participate at least in virtual form. PZM project staff reached several interesting links to activities related to environmental protection.

“For example, we offer a visit to the website of the Department of Environment in the city of Jihlava here, where you will find a lot of information about waste management in Jihlava, check how much waste charges, and find out what and how to sort and how waste is not created.” Alice Gandjskova of PZM said she It also includes a link to the so-called useful websites, through which you can access the websites of other organizations dealing with environmental protection.

Earth Day in Jilava

Outside the city, region and country
From April 12 to 25, the XII Health District in Vysočina and MA21 will host the Twelfth Session. General Čistá Vysočina event, which aims to clean up public spaces and nature in the Vysočina region. More information on the website of the Vysucina region.

“If you are interested in what is currently happening in the field of nature conservation internationally, we recommend that you visit the Earthday website. Over a billion participants have already registered for an event that will take place on April 22. Here you can get inspired by foreign activities in an interactive map. Here you will You learn more about, for example, the afforestation program for our planet, the global program to prevent waste and plastic, food production and much more, ”added Alice Gandjskova.

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The website itself also offers more information on waste sorting, along with stories on packaging materials. There are also interviews about the relationship to the environment and waste sorting with interesting personalities from various fields. These are complemented by themed games, quizzes, and video lessons.

Open Science Series of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
The Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic has also included environmental topics in its unique promotional course. The short animation videos thematically focus on science and knowledge and in an entertaining way that brings interesting phenomena closer not only to elementary and high school students.

The first series “Undistorted Science” was created in 2014. The positive response of students, teachers, schools and the public was the impetus for the creation of other chains. The most recent sixth series was completed in 2020. One of the videos that are part of the second series is a short animated film Plastic Around Us, in which you will learn in a simple way not only about their origin, but also about how they can be recycled.

You can find open science under this link Here.

History of Earth Day
How did it all not start? The human race became more aware of environmental pollution in the early 1960s. Until then, efforts to protect the Earth had little effect. Although the development of industry after World War II increased the living standards of the population, at the same time it gradually polluted the air and water.

US Senator Gaylord Nelson was one of the first to point out the potential consequences and warn of the devastation of the planet. He discussed the topic with many listeners and found evidence of environmental degradation at nearly every step. Ordinary citizens noticed this trend, so it was extremely important for environmental issues to become part of the US government’s political agenda.

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After eight years of speeches, Senator Nelson called on the entire American nation during one of them to join the popular protest against what is happening to our environment. He described the campaign simply – Earth Day.

To protect the planet, and a healthier environment, the adoption of new environmental laws in 1970 demonstrated that there are twenty million people in America. The campaign was well received and a year later the United Nations supported the event. During the following years, celebrations of Earth Day grew, in 1990, almost the whole world celebrated this day – including the Czech Republic. Today, World Earth Day is celebrated in more than 150 countries around the world.