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Earth is in the middle of a 1,000 light-year-old "Swiss cheese" bubble carved by supernovae

Earth is in the middle of a 1,000 light-year-old “Swiss cheese” bubble carved by supernovae

Artist’s illustration of a local bubble with the position of the sun in the center and star formation occurring on the bubble’s surface. (Photo credit: Leah Hustak (@STScI))

the earth It is a blow in the middle of a bubble 1,000 light-years wide with a dense surface that gives birth to thousands of young stars. Researchers have long wondered why this “super bubble” appeared. Now, a new study suggests that at least 15 powerful starbursts have inflated this cosmic bubble.

Astronomers first discovered the giant void, known as the local bubble, in the 1970s after realizing that no stars had formed inside the drop for about 14 million years. The only stars inside the bubble existed before the bubble appeared or formed outside the void and now pass through it; The Sun is one of those intruders. This formation was indicating that several supernovae were responsible for this void. These stellar explosions, according to the researchers, would have exploded the material needed to make new stars, such as hydrogen Gas, on the edge of a vast region in space, leaving behind a local bubble surrounded by a frenzy of star-born.