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Eastern Province sets a world record for the largest Saudi flag with food products in celebration of the 91st National Day

Eastern Province sets a world record for the largest Saudi flag with food products in celebration of the 91st National Day

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The Eastern Province succeeded in achieving a new world record in the Guinness Book of Records to be recorded in the name of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in celebration of the ninety-first Saudi National Day, by forming the largest flag of local food products in the form of “cupcake” in the world, and this initiative was in Al-Rashed Mall The commercial center in Al-Khobar in the Eastern Province, implemented by the Saudi Academy of Culinary Arts “ZADEC” and with the cooperation of a number of agencies in the governmental, private and third sectors.

The founder and head of ZADK Academy, Ms. Rania Mualla, explained that this global event came to celebrate the anniversary of the Saudi National Day and to register the city of Al-Khobar among the global cities mentioned in the “Guinness Book of Records” as one of the active and distinguished cities in community activities, noting the participation of 40 male and female students. Culinary experts in the formation of this flag after they worked for two months to achieve this national achievement, praising the great support of the Governor of the Eastern Province, His Royal Highness Prince Saud bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz, and His Deputy, His Royal Highness Prince Ahmed bin Fahd bin Salman “may God protect them.” For the success of this initiative, which was sponsored by the Eastern Region Development Authority.
Regarding the materials used, it was revealed that:
15,000 “cupcakes” were used to form the Saudi flag with an area of ​​150 square meters by using 91,000 date seeds and 91 liters of local date molasses from Al-Ahsa Oasis, and a fleet of several refrigerated transport vehicles that contributed to the preparation, manufacture and delivery of the product of this initiative, while It was distributed as National Day gifts to beneficiary individuals and families through the Saudi Food Bank (Etaam) and the Al Ber Association in the Eastern Province.
Rania Mualla added, “This event carries lofty messages represented in supporting the local food product, as it highlights the Saudi cuisine globally, in addition to the innovative and creative implementation that relied, with its nutritional content, on local agricultural crops such as the famous Al-Ahsa dates as an alternative to sugar.”

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It is worth noting that the launch of this national initiative by the Eastern Region Development Authority comes within its role in local economic development, adoption of revitalization programs in commercial complexes, in addition to promoting the use of local and national products and crops in the food industries, and supporting the youth energies in the region and non-profit organizations to achieve globally recognized achievements. In the name of the kingdom.