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Easy, fast and cheap. A new way to diagnose (not only) cancer? | Vda

Your prognosis is essential to the performance of almost any disease, but in the case of cancer it is doubly correct. Indications of these pathologies are detected in the patient’s disease individually and it is a method of time and money.

So how do we achieve an effective diagnosis by detecting several indicators simultaneously and at the same time cheaper and faster? This became a research topic for the professor’s group. Jho Baraka from the Department of Analytical Chemistry, Brodovdic College, Charles University.

The researchers focused on detecting t-homovanilic acid, vanillic acid, and 5-hydroxyindole-3-acetic acid. The high secretion of these acids can predict brain tumors in children, adrenal gland tumors, and more. Non-standard levels of altered indicators may also be caused by other diseases. Conjunctivitis is particularly common with Parkinson’s disease, schizophrenia, suicidal tendencies, and PTSD.

These indicators are detected at sea in various ways, which usually require long, easy and costly sample processing before their analysis. In addition, the rigidity of these methods cannot detect all three materials examined simultaneously.

Professor group. So Barka has focused on developing a fast and inexpensive method using high performance liquid chromatography with its electrochemical powder). At the bottom of the simple lab, it was possible to detect all three required compounds simultaneously without having to choose the correct sample before analysis. The separation of the materials took approximately 10 minutes compared to 20 minutes in the currently used methods and detection was possible at sufficiently low concentrations.

In order to determine the correctness of the concentration determination of substances, the analysis was performed on a healthy hunter, in which the levels and results achieved by the new method are known to correspond to the expected values. The practical application of the method was tested through analysis and could be enriched by searching for the compound. Klemm had to determine from the outside the focus of what was actually done.

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Thus the newly developed method has a number of suitable applications during the actual analysis before the actual analysis. In addition, a simple and fast process can be automated so that several samples can be prepared simultaneously. The preparation is also environmentally friendly due to its consumption of organic solvents, which must be disposed of separately. Then the separation itself is about twice as fast, so it is also easier to sell and therefore cheaper due to the consumption of materials. The detection method is much cheaper than the two developed methods, in addition to being a selective method that does not bother most people in the presence of the results.

The described method can be used for a simple, inexpensive test sample and not only can contribute to your diagnosis of cancer.

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