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Echo Weekly: The Secret of Mornestein's Success, Fragmented Britain and a Scattered Prime Minister

Echo Weekly: The Secret of Mornestein’s Success, Fragmented Britain and a Scattered Prime Minister

The face of the successful Czech writer Alena Mornatajno on the cover of Dedenik Echo’s new magazine represents the discussion about her latest novel Listly. Geo Bees invited women and men from the ranks of literary historians and critics to the Echo Salon to collectively explore and interpret the prose work of a famous writer.

Will the recent non-parliamentary elections in the UK lead to the collapse of the state? The analysis is provided by Ondřej igmigol. How does archaeologist Peter Smezkel view the removal of the lock? How is he cooperating with Prime Minister Babik? Daniel Kaiser produced an excellent interview with him. We know that the Czech people are old. Will this have any effect on the autumn parliamentary elections? Lenka Slamalova presented the article Rare Youth. What is happening in France, where half the people are ready to accept a military government? Martin Shrek sees French reality without prejudice, without hysteria. Dome Sectic writes about how the Nazis searched for Aryan roots in Tibet in the 1930s. Ontage Edindle explains why he considers the short series Murray from Easttown a success.

Photo: Weekly Echo

How does historian Geek Chuck, one of Zee Bees’ guests, view Elena Mornatajno’s novel ListPad, set against the backdrop of the suppressed Velvet Revolution? “If it weren’t for the challenge, I wouldn’t have gotten it. But as a historian, it occurred to me that November 1989 was mine, and one might say it was a fateful title, so I accepted it. Well, I was very interested one day in Prague, for example, Miroslav I was a little shocked by the description of the so-called Etaban. Otherwise, it’s very interesting how the 1989 expansion and the soft revolution turned into a brutal dictatorship, destroying long – held notions about the manifestations of the decline of communism. “

Can Britain fall? Ondez Emigol recalled: “The UK election results confirm that Labor is in deep trouble, and the party’s reshuffle of the political map continues, with Scotland’s results suggesting that Britain is mired in a deep constitutional crisis, which could lead to the collapse of the United Kingdom. The NPP won a majority of votes in the Scottish Parliamentary elections, but did not reach an absolute majority, winning 64 out of 129 seats. However, the Greens won eight seats, which also supports Scotland’s independence. “

Photo: Weekly Echo

“How do you really assess the overall performance of the government and Prime Minister Babik in an epidemic?” Asks Daniel Kaiser epidemiologist Peter Smezkal. He replied: “Sometimes it seems to me that the Prime Minister consults with someone else every month. Last year he consulted with Professor Geek Bern, which is a serious comment. He consulted with me for about fourteen days this spring… I have a feeling that he will always choose someone he trusts. But in a short time he will have a completely different person in the opposite view. The Prime Minister is running. “

You can read Echo Weekly’s new magazine Already electronically. From Thursday, it will also be available in print stores.

Photo: Weekly Echo

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