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Editing the characters of Laila Elwi and Mai Selim in the series Donia Tania after his crisis

Editing the characters of Laila Elwi and Mai Selim in the series Donia Tania after his crisis

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After the crisis experienced by the series “Donia Tania”, starring the artist Leila Alawi In the first days of its presentation, the organizers of the work decided to make some modifications in the content of the dramatic characters to reach a solution with censorship of Egyptian artistic works.

Editing the characters of Laila Elwi and Mai Selim in the series Donia Tania

And Amin Jamal, author of the series another worldA press statement clarified that he had agreed with officials of the Artistic Works Control Authority to make an amendment to the dramatic lines of the two characters, Donia, embodied by the artist Laila Elwi, and Ola, embodied by the artist Mai Selim, to suit the laws and regulations..

Amin Jamal added in his statement: “We made the new amendments based on discussions and understandings with the censorship of artistic works, in accordance with the laws and censorship precautions.”

The crisis of the second world series

It is reported that the series “Donia Tania” starring Laila Elwi, caused a major crisis on the first day of Ramadan due to a scene in the first episode, which the censorship of artistic works considered incest, and the Supreme Media Council decided to stop the first episode of the series because it did not obtain a permit from the censorship of the works. artistic.

In an official statement, the council confirmed that the first episode of the Donia Tania series was broadcast fraudulently by the broadcast channel, stressing the necessity of broadcasting the episode that obtained the permit and the scenes related to incest were removed from it.

Another world series

It is noteworthy that Laila Elwi returns to the Egyptian series season of Ramadan 2022, after an absence of 6 years, through the series “Second Dunya”, to the social series. She is an international school principal and is married to Badr (played by Firas Saeed), with whom she has two sons.

She is subjected to severe shock after she lost her son by drowning in the swimming pool, and her second son Ziyad lost his speech from the shock, accusing her husband of neglect and seeking to divorce him.
Laila Elwi, starring Magdy Kamel, co-stars. May SelimFiras Saeed, Wafaa Sadiq, Ashraf Zaki and others, general supervision of writing by Amin Jamal, script and dialogue by Hamdi Al-Tayeh, Amr Moamen, Ibrahim Al-Sabbagh, and directed by Ahmed Abdel-Al.

The series, Donia Tania, is shown on Al-Nahar channel, Rotana Drama channel, and TEN channel.

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