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وزير التعليم: نسعى للتوسع فى إنشاء المدارس الرسمية الدولية الفترة المقبلة

Education Minister: We are trying to expand the establishment of international public schools in the coming period

Education and Technical Education Minister Dr. At the General Office of the Ministry, Reda Hegazi, the British Ambassador to Cairo Gareth Bailey and his accompanying delegation discussed the strengthening of cooperation in the field of education development between the two countries.

Dr. Reda Hegazy welcomed the audience and pointed out the government’s efforts to develop education in Egypt, aiming to improve the educational experiences of our students in a positive way through a new education system, in collaboration with several partners, introducing new ones. Development of syllabi and teaching aids per se.

In his speech, the Minister pointed out that international public schools offer an international education model that relies on curricula designed with the latest trends in the world: “International public schools have achieved great success in light of their high demand. It confirms the confidence of society in the educational system, and we seek to expand what has been established in the coming period.

He pointed out that there is a National Teacher Training Program in collaboration with the British Cultural Center aimed at improving teaching and training practices and raising the level of English language and teacher education at the national level.

For his part, British Ambassador to Egypt Gareth Bailey said that Egypt has taken extensive steps in improving education and is moving towards introducing technology in the educational process. United Kingdom.

The UK ambassador praised the new curriculum used by Egypt in the new education system, noting that the UK offers many scholarships to Egyptian students in many fields.

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The meeting was attended by Deputy Minister for Technological Development Dr. Ahmad Tahar, Adviser to Minister for Administrative Development Dr. Sherin Hamdi and Supervisor of Central Administration for Ministerial Affairs Dr. Hanim Ahmed. International Cooperation Minister Dr. Iman Sabri, Director of Private and International Education, Elizabeth White, Director of the British Council, Ruth Cox, Vice President of the Centre, Faqar Jeffrey, Director of the Examination Centre. At the center, Hala Ahmad, program director of the council, and Shaima Al-Banna, director of the education program at the center.