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اخبار مصر العاجلة - Egypt News : أحمد عزمي للوسط الفني: «اختبروني وجربوني.. أنا ندمان وبقيت واحد تاني»

Egypt Breaking News – Egypt News: Ahmed Azmy to the artistic community: “Test me and try me.. I regret it and I stayed another one.”

The most important and latest breaking news in Egypt – Egypt News: Egypt today: Thursday, February 24, 2022
With the details of the news: Egypt’s breaking news – Egypt News: Ahmed Azmy to the artistic community: “Test me and try me… I regret it, and I stayed one again.”

The artist Ahmed Azmy sent an influential message to his colleagues from the artistic community after years of absence, saying: “I deserve a second chance and remain in work. Test me and try me again and see if Ahmed is like what he is?”, pointing out that he remarried after his separation from his first wife: “Thank God, I have remained stable in my life.”

I feel shy among my teachers and classmates

And Azmy added, during a phone call to the “Kalam Al-Nas” program, broadcast on the “mbc Egypt” channel, and presented by the media, Yasmine Ezz, today, Thursday, that he was ashamed because of the circumstances he went through that forced him to drink alcohol and to be imprisoned because of his possession of tramadol. And moving away from the artistic community, “I feel that I am a working worker and many of my teachers, and my friends and colleagues were confident in me, but I felt ashamed.”

He revealed that he had followed the artworks that were presented, “very beautiful works and series”, stressing that he will not walk in the wrong path again, “After my release from prison, God honored me and intended to start a new page and my life in a different way, and I will not follow the steps of the devil.”

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He also revealed his relationship with the scriptwriter Wahid Hamed, saying: “He asked me to participate in the group’s series, I was assured that Ahmed returned again like a time, and I worked with him in the series, and after that I worked with Professor Magdi Al-Hawari, the series “The Street Who Behind Us,” and this is the biggest proof that I learned the lesson well and recovered. completely”.

His relationship with Yahya Al-Fakharani

He pointed out that he then participated in the play “King Lear”, with the great artist Yahya Al-Fakhrani, “Professor Yahya is the one who educates me and my teacher, and he sees like the rest of the people that my condition is not good, and in a faraway condition.”

He continued: “The first sentence in the novel was said by Professor Yahya at the time of rehearsals: I have met with you today and I have resolved to divide my state among you, while he is reading the script. He said it remained like elephant. Salas Najeba said it, and I joined the play for a year.”

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