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اخبار مصر العاجلة - Egypt News : مايان السيد عن دورها في «إلا أنا»: عاوزة الناس تعرف مرض التوحد (فيديو)

Egypt Breaking News – Egypt News: Mayan El-Sayed on her role in “Except I”: People want to know autism (video)

The most important and latest breaking news in Egypt – Egypt News: Egypt today: Thursday, March 31, 2022
With the details of the news: Egypt breaking news – Egypt News: Mayan El-Sayed on her role in “Except I”: People want to know autism (video)

Actress Mayan El-Sayed said that her role in the series “Except I” is one of the best roles for her, following up: “I was interested in the issue of autism, and I wanted to present this character to people, and they love people who have autism, and understand them more, because I did not have enough information for autism.” .

My role in “Except Me” was a challenge

Mayan El-Sayed added, during her hosting with her sisters and mother on the “With You, Mona El-Shazly” program, broadcast on CBC channel, and presented by Mona El-Shazly, today, that she had simple information about autism before her participation in the series, especially since there is no shed light. A drama about this issue, “You did not look like a girl before that in the series She Has Oneness, and this was a challenge for me.”

I couldn’t see my family and friends

Mayan indicated that she did not see her family because of filming the series.

She pointed out that there were many people who helped her play the role of “Khadija” in the series “Except I”, following up: “Without them, I would not have been able to do the role in this way, headed by director Yasmine Ahmed Kamel, a genius and sensitive director who made me feel responsible, and she told me that we are working A very important thing, and I did not celebrate my birthday in order to study my role, and she was right, because the topic is big.”

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Her studies were affected by acting

The media, Mona Al-Shazly, commented on Mayan Al-Sayed’s influence in her studies, because of that coincided with her entry into the world of acting, saying: “The story, in short, Mayan Shatura, is very, but her entry into the university agrees with her entry into the world of acting, so she remains absent and the professors there are marginalized in it. After this seminar and the certificate with you.”

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