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Egypt .. Hani Shaker punishes Muhammad Ramadan

Egypt .. Hani Shaker punishes Muhammad Ramadan

Shaker said during a cultural salon at the Cinema Palace that “based on the reports submitted by the work committee in charge of monitoring, and after signing… Mohamed Ramadan On his acknowledgment and commitment, it was found that he violated it by organizing a party.

He added, “We will not grant permits to Muhammad Ramadan before investigating him in the Representative Professions Syndicate and the issuance of the results of the investigation.”

This comes just two days after Shaker announced that a decision will be issued by the union towards Ramadan soon.

And he said: “The union’s position on Ramadan is different, as he is a member of a union acting professions, AndAshraf Zaki It is he who has the right to prevent and grant this answer, and when he wants to obtain permits, the Syndicate of Acting Professions sends a letter to the Syndicate of Musical Professions.”

He added, “Soon there will be a decision issued by the Syndicate of Musical Professions against Muhammad Ramadan regarding this special situation.”

Earlier, the Syndicate of Musical Professions in Egypt issued a decision banning 19 singers from popular festivals from working in the coming period, and withdrawing their annual permits to sing.

The decision of the union came under the chairmanship of the artist Hani Shaker Because they were not legalized in the union during the last period, and even passed the exams.

In an interview with “Sky News Arabia”, the official spokesperson for Musical Professions Syndicate Tariq Mortada, the background to the decision, said: “In order to play your role as a singer, you must be a member of the syndicate, and these are not members and do not follow it, and we must control the rhythm of the work and prevent anyone from singing as long as he does not meet the conditions.”

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Mortada added: “This is a step by the Syndicate to save the Egyptian art and singing scene, and a serious attempt to block the back doors of those without talent who are tampering with the reputation of Egyptian art“.