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Egypt is the artists’ gateway to fame

Cairo – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: The Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram said that Egypt is the gateway to real fame for the entire Arab world, noting that her first visit to Egypt was twenty years ago, and she performed her first concerts there and achieved great success, as she considers Egypt her second home.
She added, during the Sahranin program presented by Amir Karara on the On channel, that her success was not easy as some expect, but rather she went through many periods of frustration, especially after the release of the first album in 1998, as it did not achieve the expected success, but her father rejected the idea of ​​retiring because he believed in her talent. Confident of her success, he taught her singing and music since her childhood, after discovering her talent. Although the school refused to preoccupy her with singing, her father insisted that she continue in it and nurture her talent.
Nancy indicated that the reason for her success and continuity after her father was the appearance of Gigi to Mara, her business manager, as he drew a smart plan for her, and he calculated all her steps.
Regarding the success of the song “I’m Fighting You Ah”, she said that they listened to the song after completing the album, but they liked it so they decided to add it to the album, and they were surprised by the great success it had achieved, and it became the album’s main song.
And about her childhood, she said that she is the eldest of her brothers, and they always played together at home, before the invention of mobile phones, which became inseparable from children, noting that she set strict laws for her children, which is that they use mobile phones only two hours a day.
Nancy revealed that she loved the artist George Wassouf, and the artist Ragheb Alama, whose picture was hanging in her room. She also sang the song “Kammenna”, which was sung by Mohamed Fouad and Mohamed Henedy in the movie “Ismailia Rayeh Jay”, and said that she loves Mohamed Henedy and Mohamed Fouad because he has a special identity. A few days ago, the Lebanese singer released her new song, “Ya Eid”, on her official YouTube channel, on the occasion of Christmas and New Year. The song is written and composed by Salim Assaf and arranged by Bassem Rizk. Nancy Ajram appeared in the video clip in some scenes with her husband and daughters, amid joy and celebration in the atmosphere of Christmas.

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