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Egypt participates in 12 films at the Malm அர Arab Film Festival

Egypt participates in 12 films at the Malm அர Arab Film Festival

A statement Malmo Festival About Arabic cinema Special film show In its twelfth session, scheduled for May 4-9 in Sweden, the announced project included 56 films (31 films and 25 shorts), produced by 14 different Arab countries, with production partnerships from 10 Western countries. The official competition is divided into 12 films, 8 documentaries in the long documentary competition, 25 films in the short film competition, four films in the Arabian Nights show and four films in the special screening show. Titled “Movies worth watching”, the two films in schools are next to the two films at the gala opening and closing ceremonies.

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Mohamed Keplawi, Founder and Chairman of the Festival, said of the selections: “We are proud of this busy show that brings to Malmo audiences everything new and unique in Arab cinema and we are delighted that the festival will finally return. To live effectively after two sessions where the epidemic had a huge impact on their appearance, here Malm மீண்டும் was re-established as an annual meeting center, where Arab filmmakers meet their colleagues from Sweden and the Nordic countries, a unique window into cooperation between the two sides
The festival opens its session with the film “Daughters of Abd al-Rahman” by Jordanian director Zayed Abu Hamdan and ends with the screening of “The Title Holder” by Egyptian director Hisham Fati.
Participating films:
Image to be opened
(Jordan) Girls Abdul Rahman – Directed by Jait Abu Hamdan
Film competition
Atyaf – Directed by Mehdi Hamili (Tunisia, Luxembourg, France)
Abu Saddam – Directed by Nadine Khan (Egypt)
Among the Waves – Directed by El Hadi Aulad Moganad (Morocco, France)
Crazy – Directed by Mann bin Abdulrahman and Yasser bin Abdulrahman (Saudi Arabia, USA)
Al-Hara – Directed by Basil Kandoor (Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar)
South – Directed by Ayden Amin (Egypt, Tunisia, Germany)
Sola – Directed by Salah Essad (Algeria, France, Saudi Arabia, Qatar)
Al-Gharib – Directed by Amir Fakr Al-Din (Syria, Germany, Palestine, Qatar)
Farha – Directed by Darren Salam (Jordan, Sweden, Saudi Arabia)
Story – Directed by Anis Al Aswat (Tunisia)
Kel Shi Mako – Directed by Mason Bacha G (Iraq, UK, France, Germany, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar)
Costa Brava – Directed by Mona Achl (Lebanon, France, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Sweden

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Long format documentaries
Halal Cinema – Directed by Amin Boukris (Tunisia, Qatar)
The Blue Prisoners – Directed by Gina Takache (Lebanon)
Fiasco – Directed by Nicholas Gauri (Lebanon, Netherlands)
Captain Jatari – Directed by Ali Elarabi (Egypt, USA)
Metro’s Lola Space – Directed by Georges Hashem (Lebanon)
Al Mullaqat – Directed by Mariam Abdo (Morocco, France, Qatar)
From Cairo – Directed by Hala Galal (Egypt)
Gabriel Street Diary – Rashid Mashrawi

Short film competition
Ager An-Nahar – Directed by Gais Mejri (Tunisia)
Problem – Directed by Sarah Casco (Lebanon)
Pakish – Directed by Hassan Marzouki (Tunisia)
Kirban Telephone – Directed by Raqqat Al-Burqi (Saudi Arabia)
Then Darkness Comes – Directed by Mary-Rose Osta (Lebanon)
Then they burn the sea – Director Majid Al Rumaihi (Qatar)
Gemmer – Directed by Sami Cedali (France)
Ropes of Affection – Directed by Vegtan Khalid (Morocco)
Khadija – Directed by Maurat Mustafa (Egypt)
Contact Line – Directed by Muhammad Safouri (Jordan, USA)
Tiar Hasmi – Directed by Fahad Faiz (Saudi Arabia)
Ramat – Directed by Mustafa Fermati (Morocco)
Sepsho American – Directed by Amal Pledi (Algeria)
Shaida – Directed by Amal Gulati (Tunisia, Qatar, Norway)
Nature Audio – Susanna Mirgani (Sudan, Qatar)
Gold Guest! Directed by Side Jaga (Palestine)
A Al-Bahr – Directed by Wissam Al-Jaafari (Palestine)
Arnus – Directed by Samar Patiki (Jordan)
Strangers After Midnight – Directed by Kinda Youssef (France)
Cairo – Berlin – Directed by Ahmed Abdel Salam (Egypt, UK)
Night – Directed by Ahmed Saleh (Germany, Qatar, Palestine, Jordan)
Mariam – Directed by Reem Zubran (USA)
The Mission – Directed by Muhammad Khalil Al-Tabbas (Jordan)
Happy Faces – Directed by Omar El Halwani (Egypt)

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Justice of the System – Directed by Amar Salama (Egypt)
2 Dalat Harbil – Directed by Magdi Ahmed Ali (Egypt)
Bottles – Directed by Noora Al-Mawlid, Raqeed Al-Nahdi, Rupa Kafaji, Noor Al-Amir and Fatima Al-Hasmi (Saudi Arabia)
Today is a beautiful day – directed by Nevin Shalabi (Egypt)

Movies worth watching
Beirut in the Eye of the Storm – directed by My Masri (Lebanon, France)
Directed by Nasreen Lodfi Al-Jayat (Egypt, Lebanon, Tunisia, United Kingdom)
Qurban – Directed by Najib Belgadi (Tunisia)
Cattle to Hell – Directed by Asmahan Al Ahmar (Tunisia)

School offers
Heroes – Directed by Manuel Calvo (Saudi Arabia, Spain)
Out of syllabus – Amr Salame

The final film, titled Title Holder, is directed by Hisham Fathi

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