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Egypt ranks third in the list of tourist destinations from the Middle East

Egypt ranks third in the list of tourist destinations from the Middle East

Sojourn, the largest US-based digital travel company headquartered in the US state of Nebraska, has recommended Egypt as one of the most popular and popular tourist destinations in the Middle East and Africa, especially for Eid al – Adha. – Fitr holiday, according to The National newspaper report.

With the arrival of Egyptian tourists from the twenty-eighth of April, Egypt is expected to be bustling, the newspaper said.

According to the latest data from digital travel marketing company Sojern, the US ranks first and is preferred by most travelers in the Middle East and Africa.

Italy is the second most popular destination for Eid travelers from the Middle East and Africa, with over 10 per cent of booked flights, while Egypt ranks third with 8.7 per cent bookings from across the region.

The list of tourist sites is as follows:

United States

United Kingdom

This comes as Canadian travel blogger and photographer Kevin Wager documented his journey to Luxor while flying in a balloon.

From its side, the American network said: The city of Luxor, with its unique archaeological character, is different from all parts of the world, and it is one of the most important tourist destinations in Egypt, where almost every trace speaks of history. Ancient Egyptians who lived thousands of years ago, and it includes 800 archeological sites and sacred sites.

Walker explained in an interview with CNN that Luxor is famous for its magnificent temples and tombs located in King’s Valley.

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