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Egypt.. The Musicians Syndicate refers Omar Kamal to investigation because of the Saudi concert, and the artist comments


Egyptian artist Omar Kamal

The Musicians Syndicate in Egypt referred festival artist Omar Kamal to an investigation against the backdrop of a party he held in Saudi Arabia in which he changed the words of the “Bint Al Jeeran” festival from “wine and hashish” to “dates and milk.”

Kamal’s explanation for the reason for changing the lyrics of the song led to widespread criticism from the audience on social media platforms, where he said: “It is not appropriate for the pure country that is standing on its land.”

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An Egyptian singer raises controversy after being accused of insulting Egypt in Saudi Arabia

And the Syndicate of Musical Professions announced in a statement that it rejects Kamal’s “excesses”, adding that “Egypt is a sacred and protected country. In their words, intentionally or unintentionally, but Egypt is not offended.

And she added that in the last concerts of the singer Omar Kamal in Saudi Arabia, when he was asked about the reason for replacing the words “liquor and hashish” with dates and milk in his famous song, he said (I am standing on pure land), knowing that the artist Hani Shaker asked him to change these words before because of their danger to values ​​and morals and that they ingrained in the consciousness of young people.

And she added, “The singer Omar Kamal was referred to an investigation by the Syndicate of Musical Professions, to investigate what he said about words offensive to Egypt, and the appropriate decision was issued upon the completion of the investigation.”

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For his part, Omar Kamal commented on the decision in a statement to the channel “Sada Al-Balad”, saying: “The artist Abdel Halim Hafez was the worker of the song, Tell him the truth when he went to Saudi Arabia. Respected, because Egypt is a desolate, not sincere, I do not despise Egypt, nor do I despise Egypt, and I cannot insult Egypt.”

He added, “Today, I was surprised, like all the people from all the newspapers and websites, writing that I was referred for investigation by the Musicians Syndicate, and I found many reasons, including that I insulted Egypt and insulted Egypt directly or indirectly. So, I insulted Egypt in what? .. I ask myself, they said. Omar Kamal, when he was asked if I said that while I was a tinsel with the Saudi audience, I said that dates and milk are worthy of the Holy Land, so they took it as a drop.

He added that the hadith, “If I say that Saudi Arabia is a sacred land and that Egypt is a land that is not sacred, this is of course a mistake. I said that and I did not ask about this issue, and I did not say something like that and I am not responsible for any page that writes a comic or any comment you post in a joke, number one I said.” I am joking with the people and tinsel with the Saudi public, and I came up with tinsel over the two words that we have changed for a long time, and I said, O people, we will drink dates and milk, and that Saudi Arabia is originally known for dates, Arabic coffee and milk, and in Umrah they welcome us with it and anyone who will perform Umrah is known to speak.

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And he added, “I will not forgive Egypt, and I have never said anything that offends Egypt, and I always said after every song, a deal for Egypt, the mother of the world. I said that Saudi Arabia is a holy land, and Egypt is a land of desolate, and our country is more honorable than honor, and the one who has a report or a video, and I say these words he tells me, I said it.” talk”.

Source: “Al-Masry Al-Youm” + “Echo of the Country”