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رقصة الحصان المصرى تبهر زوار فعاليات الشارقة التراثية.. فيديو

Egyptian horse dance that captivates visitors to Sharjah’s traditional activities .. Video

The Egyptian horse dance stunned the audience with its flute melody, in which Egypt participates with traditional performances of Egyptian handicrafts and arts.

These events include earlier traditional art performances, in which Egypt performed on the top Egyptian guitar choir, and the group provided music and performances from the tradition of reflecting the privacy of the community in southern Egypt at weddings and songs of various events.

The nineteenth edition of Sharjah Heritage Days, which started on March 10, is scheduled to continue till March 28, and includes various activities linking the heritage of the people and their cultural heritage organized under the Sharjah Heritage Institute. Sheikh Dr., a member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah. With the support of Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, under the slogan “Tradition and the Future”.

Countries participating in this year’s Sharjah Heritage Days are Saudi Arabia, Oman Sultanate, Kuwait, Qatar, China, Finland, Iraq, Kingdom of Morocco, Egypt Arab Republic, Sudan, Armenia, Republic. Kazakhstan, Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Syria, Tunisia, Algeria, United Kingdom, Mauritania, India, Palestine, Russia, Lithuania, Kosovo, Latvia, Serbia, Turkey, Iran, Jordan, Japan.

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