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حزب ;المصريين; زيارة الأمير تشارلز تدفع العلاقات بين مصر وإنجلترا قدما وتعزز التعاون الثنائي

Egyptian Party: Prince Charles’ visit boosts relations between Egypt and the UK and enhances bilateral cooperation

Hussein Abu al-Atta, adviser to the leader of the “Egyptians” party, said that this was not Prince Charles’ first visit to Egypt, but that he had visited the late Princess Diana several times. The particular time confirms that Egypt is a country of security, security, stability and prosperity. Not only at the level of security, but also at the level of health, it undoubtedly reflects the depth of relations between the two countries.

Abul-Atta said in a statement on Thursday that Prince Charles’ visit to Egypt confirms its pioneering and influential role in the region, especially since the rise of President L-CC in all parts of the country. The country explains that relations between the two countries are excellent.Relationships and strong, dating back almost 100 years, are characterized by the integration of a large number of views at different levels.

The leader of the “Egyptians” party explained that Egypt and Britain share a common view on a number of issues, the first of which is the crisis in Iraq and Syria, as well as the issue of terrorism and refugees, in addition to Egypt. Strategic partner on many important issues such as illegal immigration.

He pointed out that Britain was also one of the largest investors in various sectors of the Egyptian government, explaining that the Egyptian-British partnership was characterized by strength and integration at the political level, with the greatest evidence being British reports. President CC is an important partner, especially in the field of counter-terrorism, Egypt explains that Britain and Britain are united by a large series of common interests, and that the United Kingdom provides all support and cooperation to the Egyptians. The state must rebuild itself to consolidate its leading and regional role in the region.

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He stressed that Prince Charles’ visit to Egypt was aimed at strengthening relations and partnership between the two countries, and that the visit was a great testament to the importance of relations between the United Kingdom and Egypt.

He pointed out that the hospitality extended by President L.C. A visit to the archeological sites of Prince Charles and his wife is a tourist campaign for Egypt, which directly encourages tourists. Visits to Egypt, especially after Britain removed Egypt from the red list, have greatly supported the tourism movement.