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El Clásico without Messi and Ronaldo is better than the Champions League final

El Clásico without Messi and Ronaldo is better than the Champions League final

Cameroonian Samuel Eto’o praised the strength of the “El Clasico” matches between the Spanish teams Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​stressing that they are stronger than the Champions League final.

Eto’o believes that despite the departure of Argentine Lionel Messi from Barcelona, ​​​​and Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid, the “El Clasico” match has never lost its luster.

The Cameroon national team legend also praised the performance of a number of young players in Barcelona, ​​led by Jaffe, and spoke about his memories with Italian Inter.

What did Eto’o say about El Clasico?

Eto’o’s statements to the Italian newspaper “La Gazzetta dello Sport”, in which he said: “It does not matter if Messi or Ronaldo is not present, I played El Clasico, and I know it is the most beautiful match in the world.”

He added, “It is more valuable than the Champions League final, El Clásico is a unique match, and although Barcelona did not start the season well, he has to take advantage and win that match, because it represents six points.”

What is Eto’o’s opinion of Barcelona’s young players?

Eto’o talked about Barcelona’s young players, saying: “Javi and the rest of Barcelona’s youth are the future of football, not just Barcelona.”

He added: “Years ago, there was a football model that made young people play incredibly, now that dynamic is lost, but I hope you return with Joan Laporta.”

What did Eto’o say about the Super League?

In his statements, Eto’o talked about the European Super League, or what was called the “Super League”.

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“Improvements in football must be done with the approval of all the leagues,” the Cameroonian said. “If the change is good, no one will oppose it.”

He added, “The Champions League has its place, but the important thing is the local championships.”

What is Eto’o’s opinion of his career with Inter and the current team situation?

Eto’o talked about his time with Inter, stressing that he knew that the team would win the Champions League with Jose Mourinho.

“It is the most beautiful shirt in Italy,” Eto’o said. “I always believed in the possibility of achieving the Champions League, and I decided to put it in the rewards of the contract.”

“I knew we would win it in two years at the most, we were a team of fighters with a unique coach,” he added.

Eto’o said about Inter’s situation in the current season, concluding his statements: “They can win the Serie A title this season. I saw the match against Real Madrid and the defeat at the last second. Things like this can happen.”

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