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El Manche: rescued more than 130 migrants overnight and sent them back to France

El Manche: rescued more than 130 migrants overnight and sent them back to France

In three separate rescue operations, French patrols rescued 133 migrants trying to cross the canal in small boats last Saturday night and returned them to the ports of Calais and Boulogne, while British authorities tried to stop the migrants by issuing laws criminalizing crossings.

From December 10 to 11, from Saturday to Sunday, and in extreme cold, the Regional Control and Rescue Operations Center (CROSS) in northern France found several boats in difficulty, resulting in a total of 133 rescues.

The first rescue operation took place in the middle of the night, the boat “La Perouse” intervened and saved a boat in difficulty in the “Zuidkote”, and the 47 people on this boat were transferred to the port of Calais.

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The intervention and rescue ship “Abel Normandy”, chartered by the French Navy, also carried out two rescue operations.

On Saturday evening, off Blériot-Plage, migrants on a boat in distress called for help. Accordingly, the Cross rescue patrol requested intervention, which saved the 43 people on board, and all of them were transferred to Boulogne.

During the night, the same patrol carried out another operation off Calais, during which it rescued 43 migrants and disembarked them at the port of Calais on Sunday morning.

Upon landing at the port, all migrants were taken care of by Border Police and Civil Defense.

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The percentage of migrants who are arrested on arrival in the UK is no more than 0.3% of those who arrive

According to authority British Broadcasting “BBC”The new law criminalizing Channel crossings has not affected the number of migrants detained by authorities, as British authorities have arrested fewer than 100 people crossing the Channel illegally since the law was introduced. The new law, last October.

This figure was only 0.3% of the arrivals in the country during that period.

Under the new law, anyone who comes to the UK without the necessary permission or without valid reason will be deemed to have committed an offense which can be punishable by up to four years in prison.

The BBC sought to obtain the figures under Freedom of Information laws after the Home Office refused to release them.

A spokesman for the Home Office said authorities had made a further 180 arrests since the summer under various immigration laws.

The law criminalizing Channel crossings comes as part of the Home Ministry’s move to amend the Nationality and Borders Act approved in October.

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In a related context, the British government is expected to soon announce plans to house migrants in holiday camp parks and alumni halls, and the plan will be implemented by January 2023.

The decision is mainly aimed at reducing the cost incurred by the state for booking hotels for migrants. £5.8m per dayThis is 73% more than what was paid earlier.

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This solution is believed to be satisfactory to all, as it is cheaper than using hotels and will not face the same level of anger as Conservative MPs who oppose using hotels in their constituencies.

He has made several criticisms of the immigration reception system in the UK, particularly the inhumane conditions of reception centres. The last of these criticisms was before the closure of the Manston center after about 50 migrants contracted diphtheria.

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In a press release, France’s Maritime Prefecture of Channel and North Sea warned of risks to anyone planning to cross the channel. This maritime sector is one of the world’s busiest sea lanes, with more than 400 merchant ships passing through daily, and weather conditions are often difficult. However, migrants’ attempts to cross the Channel have not stopped, as more than 40,000 migrants have arrived in the United Kingdom since the start of this year, a record number.