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Elections in France will be exciting.  Two candidates step on Macron's heels

Elections in France will be exciting. Two candidates step on Macron’s heels

France awaits on Sunday the first round of the presidential elections. Twelve candidates are heading to the battle of the Elysee Palace. According to opinion polls, at least two of them are behind the incumbent President Emmanuel Macron. According to experts, it will be exciting. Some Parisians did not know until Saturday who they would vote for.

Poor electoral campaign and low turnout expected. These are factors that could significantly shuffle the cards in the upcoming French presidential elections. Paul, a pensioner from Paris, explained to a Nova TV reporter why, in his opinion, the French were not interested in getting to the tractor.

“You can choose between a foolish candidate, an unfaithful candidate, and an unsympathetic candidate,” he said. “You have to choose who you vote for. I’m not too excited about those choices.”

Polls now support incumbent President Emmanuel Macron and the far-right Marine Le Pen. Third-place candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon is said to also have a chance to consider the second round. This is supported mainly by the lower working class, but also by students.

Although polling stations in France will open on Sunday morning, some Parisians do not yet know who they will vote for on Saturday. This is also the case with Patricia, who was caught by the TV Nova crew on the way from the clothing store where she works. “It’s complicated in France now. We need a big change. But I still don’t know who to vote for,” she said.

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According to the French, the country is simply a bit of a crossroads. Candidates with the best chances do not agree with the European Union, immigration, for example, on the issue of taxation.