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Electric car maker Tesla sold more than 200,000 cars for the first time this quarter

Electric car maker Tesla sold more than 200,000 cars for the first time this quarter

US electric car maker Tesla continued to increase its sales in the second quarter, setting another record. According to today’s announcement, the automaker delivered 201,250 vehicles, breaking the record in the first quarter when it delivered 184,800 vehicles.

It also exceeded analyst expectations, although CEO Elon Musk warned of a shortage of chips and raw materials that could have a negative impact on production.

This is the first time that Tesla sales have exceeded 200,000 vehicles. According to Refinitiv, analysts expected the company to deliver 20,258 vehicles. Compared to the second quarter of last year, when car sales worldwide were negatively affected by the coronavirus pandemic, sales more than doubled.

Total sales of the more expensive Model S and Model X fell to 1,890 from April to June in April to June in the previous quarter. However, this decline was offset by growth in sales of the cheaper Model 3 sedans of the Model Y crossover, which Tesla sold 199,360

Total production rose 14 percent in the second quarter compared to the previous three months to a record 206,241 vehicles. Most were Model 3 and Model Y cars

Tesla is now by far the most valuable car company in the world. However, its production volume is only a small part compared to the production of flagship traditional cars, such as the German concern Volkswagen.

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