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Electric cars got their own box, ZipCharge Go offers a range of up to 64 km

Electric cars got their own box, ZipCharge Go offers a range of up to 64 km

The battery in the size of baggage on the plane allows you to get another range from 32 to 64 km after a period of charging.

One of the biggest concerns for potential people interested in electric cars is range on a single charge. While with internal combustion vehicles, finding a gas station or taking a can with you is not a problem, the situation is more difficult with charging stations. Their net is not very dense, it can be occupied and it is not possible to refuel in the canister. So it was somewhat impossible.

The novelty called ZipCharge Go is basically something like an electric car electric box. But we can easily call it an oversized power bank with type 2 connector for electric cars. If necessary, it promises to extend its range by about 20 to 40 miles (about 32 to 64 km) depending on the type of electric vehicle.


Although the charging is not very fast, it can take 30 to 60 minutes to charge the car, but in an emergency it is a great solution, much faster than calling acquaintances or a tow truck. In addition, the entire device is relatively compact – thanks to the wheels and handle, it resembles a small luggage that can easily fit in the trunk of a car. However, loading may be more difficult – it weighs about 22.6 kg.

ZipCharge Go is a realistic device that provides the recharge that should be enough for daily miles,says Jonathan Carrier, co-founder of ZipCharge. “It saves freedom and removes the burden of finding a charger near your home that is working or unoccupied.

ZipCharge plans to launch a Go mobile phone charger in the last quarter of next year. It will target both fleet customers and private customers. In addition to being able to sell for an unlimited amount, those interested will also be able to rent the equipment for a monthly fee of around £49 (less than CZK 1,500), as mentioned by InsideEVs.