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Electric vehicle production generates 70 percent more emissions, Volvo admits

Electric vehicle production generates 70 percent more emissions, Volvo admits

Many automakers not only want to switch to electric vehicles, but they also want to be carbon neutral in their production. However, according to a new study by Volvo – which wants to sell electric cars exclusively from 2030 – these are largely conflicting efforts.

According to a study by Autotrader’s website, which it reports, the production C40 Recharge electric vehicle generates 70 percent more emissions than the production of its conventional equivalent, the XC40.

All factors were included in the study, the entire production cycle from raw material extraction to the finished car in the showroom, and according to her, emissions are much higher here. We assume that CO2 emissions are intentional, and not other pollutants; After all, nothing else has been talked about lately.

The most intense type of emissions is, of course, the production of lithium-ion batteries and their components. It’s behind a third of all-electric vehicle emissions, in a case where the C40 is, respectively. The XC40 Recharge shares a large number of other components with the conventional versions.

However, this is not the end of the study. It also included using the car after 200,000 kilometers. And when driving, the amount of CO2 emissions from the life cycle of an internal combustion engine grows much faster than that from an electric vehicle — of course, depending on how electricity is generated to power it.

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