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Electricity codes? Radovan Vvra and SimpleCell want to withdraw 200 million of XIXOIO risk to an investor

XIXOIO and SimpleCell press conference together. Richard Watzke Sed species from left, and Radovan Vvra species from right.
author’s squf; Marek Miller

Radovan Vvra, investor and ex-komern bank, nearly stands in front of a new newspaper and convinces them that crypto company XIXOIO is not a scam.“Look, you guys keep it up, you have twenty-six hard-working people,” he said onstage in his usual fashion, with a hunchback and sunglasses on his head.

“The criticism that it is a Ponzi scheme is certainly false. If this were the case, it would be the most expensive Ponzi scheme in gin,” Kafra said at a press conference at XIXOIO.

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