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Electricity reaches the sky... The world is on a date with a "revolutionary plane"

Electricity reaches the sky… The world is on a date with a “revolutionary plane”

Agency prepares NASA The first flight of its experimental X-57, an all-electric aircraft, later this year, is powered not by jet fuel, but with the same lithium-ion batteries that are used in laptop computers.

The X-57 project was launched in 2016 with the aim of exploring all-electric propulsion, with the hope of developing more efficient and environmentally friendly aircraft.

make up Aviation About 2 percent of emissions Carbon Dioxide Global, according to the International Civil Aviation Organization, and NASA notes that unlike motor fuels, jet fuel still contains lead, albeit at low levels, which is a major cause of environmental pollution.

The electric plane is scheduled to make its first test flight sometime in July, according to The Independent.

NASA uses new technologies in the plane, not to make it fly higher or faster, but to make it fly more quietly and efficiently.

NASA has reconfigured the wings of the X-57 to make it only 42 percent the size of aircraft of its size, a design the space agency said reduces drag to make flight more efficient.

And if this plane can demonstrate all-electric flight capability over a desert California Near NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center, it could pave the way for electronic aircraft 40 percent more efficient than those flying today.

And with no combustion engines, these flights can be much quieter, if not completely silent, as even electric fans make some noise, and we could see a drone ferrying passengers electrically.