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"Electronics" returns 200 Saudis from British airports - Saudi News

“Electronics” returns 200 Saudis from British airports – Saudi News

From the decision to exempt Saudi citizens from visa procedures and to obtain only electronic exemption to enter the UK, until this June, precise and rigorous electronic visa systems have led to the entry of more than 200 Saudi travelers into the UK. United Kingdom.

The reason for the ban is that some travelers have ignored visa rules and regulations stating that they have a residence address in the United Kingdom, including departure and arrival dates and times of application for a period of up to 3 months. 48 hours prior to departure, and the issuance of an “EVW” visa to each person wishing to travel, including children, but if the applicant is another person acting on his or her behalf he or she must enter his or her contact details in addition to the traveler’s contact details. .

According to Heathrow Airport Passengers, the reason many passengers are barred from entering the airport is due to the inaccurate entry of personal data into the passport information, which may include any punctuation marks, for example, distances, hyphens, apostrophes, or full stops, as well as for many passengers to download their EVW link. Removed, had to be displayed as soon as it arrived and forgot to print it or display it on the mobile screen.

According to travel agencies that specialize in UK bookings, if there are any changes to the itinerary, the travel details must be changed in the passenger’s EVW, or at the time of departure or arrival at another airport, port or train station. Your EVW number and date of birth will be required to change your details upon arrival in the UK more than scheduled, or more than scheduled.

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According to a travel agency, travelers returning from airports or changing their destination have suffered huge financial losses due to ignorance and disregard for the rules and regulations of visa filling.

The agency added in “Okaz”: “Electronic waiver (e-visa waiver) approval, even if it is possible, with its old system does not guarantee those previously denied visas by the embassy to enter the UK, and those with criminal records that led to their departure from UK territory. At request, as well as those who exceeded the time allowed during their previous visit to Britain, where the number of passengers at the airport with a large criminal record was monitored, and those who exceeded the period allowed earlier.

A travel agency that specializes in bookings for UK cities advised Saudi nationals to ensure that the correct data was recorded and, after the exemption, that the data on the exemption was correct. The agency pointed out that most of those who refused to enter made a mistake in the flight number or in the name of father and grandfather.