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Elham Al-Fadala files a new lawsuit against Haya Al-Shuaibi

Elham Al-Fadala files a new lawsuit against Haya Al-Shuaibi

Kuwaiti actress Ilham Al-Fadala announced that she is heading to the judiciary again, to file a case against her compatriot, artist Haya Al-Shuaibi, after the disputes escalated between them a few days ago, after Haya hinted that Ilham was the cause of her crisis with Saudi Arabia.

Al-Fadala confirmed that her lawyer had begun to take legal measures against Haya Al-Shuaibi, noting that “with her referral to the judiciary, it is over for her.”

Al-Fadala said in a video clip posted on her account on “Snapchat” that she usually ignores the abuse directed at her, but what prompted her to respond to Al-Shuaibi, was her abuse of an acquaintance, after she described her as “strange.”

Al-Fadala explained that the woman whom Al-Shuaibi described as “strange” is her friend and manager of her veiled business, who came to visit her from Saudi Arabia.

The Kuwaiti actress denounced the description, saying: “But you accuse my friend who visited me and accuse her of being strange, why is she veiled, the niqab has become a crow?”

She added: “If you don’t respect me and I know what you respect me, respect the dacha guest, Dirtje, which is strange, strange and insulting in her and the smell of her monastery, respect her at least, but only halal girl.” She also asked her to bear her mistakes instead of pointing fingers at others and slandering them.

In the video, Elham apologized for her “irritability”, after responding to what she said was an insult from her compatriot, artist Haya Al-Shuaibi.

This came after Elham and Haya renewed their disputes as soon as the latter entered Saudi Arabia, and suggested that someone was the reason for keeping her away from her Saudi audience and creating problems that prevented her from entering the Kingdom, in reference to Elham Al-Fadala.

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Al-Shuaibi said that she received abusive words from one of the figures, but she was forced to remain silent at the request of her lawyer only, and stressed that she would not receive advice from Al-Fadala, but rather all she received from her is insults and slander.

Al-Shuaibi was not satisfied here, but threatened Al-Fadala with audio messages to her proving that she had offended her, pointing out that she is not obliged to publish the evidence at the present time, saying: “You made a mistake, I did not advise.. I straighten up.”

Haya stressed that her evidence would bring her out in a strong program, as she put it, saying: “And I have this, and God will not come out except with a strong program, without it, so let me hear what I say, along and its length.”

For her part, artist Haya Al-Shuaibi surprised her followers by documenting the moment she arrived in Saudi Arabia, to celebrate with the Saudis their National Day.

Al-Shuaibi shared a video clip on Snape Chat from inside her car, in which she said: “O people of Saudi Arabia, my family, my people and my brothers have come to you, and God suffices for those who wronged me and was the reason for my deportation.”