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Elissa on the crises of her new album: The truth is simpler than all these stories

After deleting the promotional advertisement for Elissa’s new song “I am swaying on the house”, which was to be released in the coming days, and the spread of news confirming the existence of a major crisis between the Lebanese singer and the company that holds the distribution rights, Elissa intervened, confirming that all the “stories” that were circulated are incorrect, She said: The truth is simpler than all these stories.

Elissa responded to the rumors via a tweet on Twitter, saying: All the talk about the album, the song, and the teaser are true, and the truth is simpler than all these stories.

It was reported that the crisis was caused by the termination of the contract with a production company due to the fact that it did not delete the song “Me and Bass” with the voice of Ziad Burji, which prompted the company to respond with a statement confirming that it was responsible for distributing the album. Documented by the Lebanese star on YouTube.

It is noteworthy that the first of Elissa’s new songs, “I am swaying on the house,” was written and composed by Aziz Al-Shafei, and distributed by Amin Nabil, and it was filmed with Engy El-Gammal.

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