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الخشت يعلن استحداث كلية ومركز أبحاث علوم وتكنولوجيا الفضاء بجامعة القاهرة الدولية

Elkhosht announces the creation of a faculty and research center for space science and technology at Cairo International University

Dr. Mohamed Othman Elkhosht, President of Cairo University, announced the continuation of work to establish a faculty and a research center for space science and technology at Cairo International University in the university’s investment zone in the city of October 6, with the aim of keeping pace with global developments and future projects for Egypt, especially the Egyptian space program, where work began on the engineering drawings of the faculty in cooperation Between the engineering and academic team more than a year ago, commissioned by Dr. Muhammad Al-Khasht and with the approval of the University Council, to move forward on the path of the new republic in accordance with the scientific concept proposed by the political leadership.

The Cairo University Council reviewed the academic vision for the establishment of the Faculty of Space Science and Technology, within the framework of implementing the university’s vision of transforming into a fourth-generation university to continue working towards global development and keeping pace with technological development, the requirements of the fourth and fifth industrial revolution, and future jobs.

Dr. Muhammad Al-Khasht said that the establishment of a faculty and research center for space science and technology is a scientific project with a national and national dimension, which consolidates Cairo University’s leading role at the local, regional and global levels, and represents a model in the integration between interdisciplinary sciences in various disciplines, and aims to establish a distinguished scientific base in The fields of space science and technology, serving and educating the community about their importance, by accumulating expertise in the field of space science, and encouraging specialized scientific research and projects in the fields of electronics, communications and astronautics, artificial intelligence applications, space software, and the uses of space technology for sustainable development.

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Al-Khasht explained that the college will contribute to building capabilities and human cadres, qualifying competencies in basic space sciences and remote sensing, graduating a generation of researchers with advanced knowledge and skills in the fields of space sciences and its derivatives, maximizing the benefit of specialized Egyptian experiences inside and outside, and actual training of specialists in many One of the areas of space technology and its applications, thus contributing to creating future jobs to serve scientific, economic and societal needs that keep pace with the needs of the modern era.

The President of Cairo University added that the faculty will offer many study programs for the undergraduate and graduate levels, and it includes 6 main scientific departments, which are basic space sciences, astronomy and planetary sciences, remote sensing and geographic information systems, electronics and space communications, aviation and space engineering, artificial intelligence and software. space, in addition to a number of educational laboratories and specialized research laboratories.

Dr. Al-Khasht indicated that the new college will include many diverse and globally distinguished degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, including applied space science programs, astrophysics and cosmology, electronics, space software, communications, astronautics, Earth and planetary sciences, and remote sensing. Geographical information systems, meteorology and climate sciences.

The President of Cairo University also indicated that the Faculty of Space Science and Technology relies on many aspects of cooperation in the fields of research, education and community service at the local, regional and international levels, with the aim of exchanging experiences, organizing joint training courses, and providing a realistic and practical educational environment with the theoretical side to simulate reality, including It guarantees the graduate the ability to deal with projects and scientific research to solve problems, and provide technologies for the progress and renaissance of the country in these vital disciplines, and in a way that contributes to the success of the college and increases the ability of its graduates to compete at all levels.

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Al-Khasht added that cooperation at the local level is carried out through several parties, including the establishment of a training center in cooperation with the National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences (NARSS), and the establishment of an educational satellite laboratory in cooperation with the Egyptian Space Agency, and it consists of 4 main units, namely An educational satellite model (for communications applications, remote sensing, space environment), operation and testing of satellite simulators, equipment for conducting scientific experiments on the educational satellite, and the simulation unit for the ground station with educational satellite programs and its various applications, in addition to cooperation with the Ministry of Excellence Center Military Production for Training and Education, and the National Company for Space Applications and Remote Sensing.

The President of the University added that cooperation at the regional level of the College of Space Science and Technology is through working to conduct joint cooperation with the regional centers for teaching space science and technology of the United Nations and relevant Arab bodies, in addition to African countries interested in this field, explaining that cooperation at the international level The college is evident in the work on holding 4 cooperation protocols with prestigious foreign universities, namely, the Italian La Sapienza University, the Chinese NPU University, the Russian Samara Technological University, the Japanese National Institute of Astronomy, in addition to some American universities.